Olen zhazam qauyrsyn qalamymen

Olen zhazam qauyrsyn qalamymen

The next meeting of the literary club “Qauyrsyn Kalam” was held on January 31 on the theme “Olen zhazam qauyrsyn qalamymen”, which was attended by young creative teenagers improving their talents.

At this meeting, the ranks of the club members were added to newcomers. The students talked about their poems “Abaiga Arnau”, “Kieli Karagandy”, about the poem ”Homeland”, exchanged views and views on the “Year of Youth”.

Also, with the survey “I am reading now …”, they shared the content of books that they themselves are reading at the moment.

At the end of the meeting, almanacs were distributed to students whose poems were published in the almanac “Qaursyn Kalamymen 1.”

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