Telebridge with children’s writer Shaken Kumisbayuly

Telebridge with children’s writer Shaken Kumisbayuly

On the 24th of October in the library in conjunction with the Central City Children’s Library. S. Begalin (Almaty) a teleconference “Balalar Qalamgerlerinin Qamqorshysy” was held, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the birth of children’s writer Shaken Kumisbaiuly. The gifted writer Shaken Kumisbayuly is a man of great talent who occupies one of the leading places in the Kazakh children’s literature.

The event was attended by students of the Karaganda liberal arts college and a teacher of the Kazakh language and literature S. Mukasheva; pupils of 7-8 grades of gymnasium № 93, school № 5, 74; specialized boarding school № 7 named Z.Zhabaeva.

The children’s writer lives in Almaty, the format of the space bridge, thanks to the cooperation of two libraries, gave the participants an opportunity to personally get acquainted with the author.

Shaken Kumisbayuly with interest talking about his creative work, exchanged views with young readers.

For the children, a presentation was prepared on familiarization with the work of the writer “Balalar Qalamgerlerinіn Qamqorshysy”.

During the event, pupils of grades 7-8 of school № 5 and specialized boarding school № 7 named after Z. Zhabayev expressively read an excerpt from the book “Batyrlar zhyry”. A quiz “Balalar zhasushysy” and a review of the book exhibition “Balausa – baldauren” were held for schoolchildren.

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