Thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving day

On the first day of spring, our country celebrates the holiday – Day of Gratitude.

This holiday is a tribute of respect and gratitude of all ethnic groups to each other and to the Kazakhs, who showed mercy and accepted people of other nations as relatives, in difficult years for them.

On March 1, the library staff conducted an informative digest of “Qurmettin en biigi – algys” for children of the 7th grades of gymnasium 3 with the participation of a representative of the “Spadchyna” Regional Fund for Belarusian Culture Nina Alekseevna Misochenko.

The purpose of the event: the education of the younger generation of a sense of tolerance, friendliness and respect for each other, as well as strengthening inter-ethnic harmony and interethnic ties in Kazakhstan.

N. Misochenko told the children about the deportation, forcible resettlement of peoples, that in Kazakhstan in 1937-1944 more than 1 million deported people found a second homeland. The Kazakh people, with hospitality accustomed to it, received deprived nations on their land. Nina Alekseevna read her poem “Thanksgiving” and explained to the students, for which the Belarusian people say “thank you” to the Kazakh people. The children had a lot of questions that the guest willingly answered.

After getting acquainted with the book exhibition, the documentary “The Beginning of the Relocation. Way”.

The event ended with an expressive reading of poems about gratitude to the Kazakh land.

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