In the modern world, the format of reading changes its shape and place. The mobility of people, the pace of life does not allow you to visit the library in your spare time. In this connection, the library goes beyond and extends the circle of readers in a new way.

A reading area was opened in the “NeKafe” institution by the library named after Abai within the framework of the library project “Pleasant reading” on the 26th of April.

The purpose of the project is “Pleasant reading” – attracting residents and guests of the city to reading in an informal, pleasant atmosphere. The slogan of the project “Make a pause – read the book.”

Visitors to the NeCafe facility can not only chat or have a cup of hot tea, but also read a book or magazine they liked. This is a modern creative format for attracting to reading, which is used in many major cities of the world.

On the bookshelves there is a literature of world classics, contemporary Kazakhstan and foreign authors, children’s books and magazines. Guests of the establishment can read the exhibited publications in the institution freely and free of charge.

The opening of the reading site was held with the participation of the founder of “NeKafe” Mukhamediev Marat, the sponsors of the project – a representative of the online store “”, e-mail-dispatch manager Evgenia Tsymbota and supplier manager Yarovenko Luisa, young author Mezentseva Stanislav and visitors institution.

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