There was a fairy tale …

There was a fairy tale …

Every child loves to dream, fantasize, play, create, travel. Yes – yes it is to travel, especially on the pages of your favorite books.

The informative and playful kaleidoscope “There was a fairy tale …” was held for pupils of the children’s center “Hogwarts” and young residents of our city on the summer playground in front of the library.

Attention was given to the story of the story, the children told what fairy tales they read and how they prefer.

Traveling through fairy tales, the guys could learn a lot of new and interesting. A various tasks and obstacles were organized for the participants.

Inextricably linked with the tale are puzzles, so many positive moments in children caused a review-riddle.

The idea of the librarian aroused enthusiasm among the young readers, they literally lined up to guess either the title of the fairy tale or the author and supplement their story with brief answers to questions pre-prepared and enclosed in the book.

Each meeting on the summer playground ends with viewing your favorite cartoons in the library and imagining the children’s emotions in the drawing on the asphalt.

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