We create for you, children

We create for you, children

March in the library is full of events, one of which is «Children’s Book Week».

The third day of the «Week …», March 13, was dedicated to the meeting of the library readers with those who create children’s books.
It was a creative meeting “We create for you, children” with Natalia Inzhevskaya, a teacher, a journalist, a poet, a children’s writer and Roxana Petrova, an artist-illustrator.

All those present congratulated Natalia Inzhevskaya with a prize from the Presidium of the Russian Union of Writers, the Mayakovsk medal.
At the meeting, 4 out of 20 books were presented under the general title “Notions from Alinka” in the series “We read together”: “About the yard”, “That’s what they are”, “What kind of phenomena” and “About cleanliness” in two books.

Pupils of the orphanages “Tansholpan” and “Qulynshaq”, pupils of the boarding school for children with NODA and 4 classes of secondary school №64 were glad to meet with the Karaganda children’s writer, were happy to talk with him and the artist – illustrating the works of the author.
From the first moments of the meeting, our guest seized children’s attention.

An open dialogue took place between the creators of children’s works and children, poems and stories were read, and questions were asked.
N. Inzhevskaya handed out gifts to the most active participants – her books and crafts from illustrator artists.

At the end, orphanages and boarding schools received sets of the first 4 books by Natalia with illustrations by Roxanna Petrova, and in addition to the library a set of books was given a handmade toy “Elephant” on behalf of the artist Gulsai Abdibekova with her personal autograph.

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