Archive July 2022

«Magic Lava»

On July 12, as part of the Day of Entertaining Facts, together with the children of the summer camp of gymnasium 45, the experiment “Magic Lava “ was conducted
The guys watched the reaction of mixed substances from vinegar and soda. The foamy, whimsical look of the artificial lava piqued the curiosity of the children. Together with their parents, they were asked to conduct an experiment at home, observing all safety rules.


«Chicken Egg Secrets»

On July 5, in the library, as part of the Day of Entertaining Facts, children from the school camp of school 64 learned a lot of interesting things about the secrets of a chicken egg, the experiments “Egg in a Bottle”, “Rubber Egg”, “Eggs are Divers” were carried out.
Children were asked to conduct the same experiments at home under adult supervision.

To the anniversary of Mukhtar Shakhanov

Dear readers!
On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the birth of Mukhtar Shakhanov, the people’s poet of Kazakhstan, a political figure, an honorary professor at a number of domestic and foreign academies and universities, the library presents the book exhibition “Song- is a mirror of life”.
As the most widely read poet, he was awarded the independent “Tarlan” prize, following the results of 2001 in Turkey he was declared “The best poet in the world” from the Turkic-speaking countries. Also in 2002, for the poetic novel “The Cosmo-Formula of Punishing Memory” (“The Secret Carried Away by Chingizkhan”), he was awarded the A. Einstein Gold Medal of the International California Academy of Sciences, Industry, Education and Arts (the USA).
We invite everyone to get acquainted with the work of the poet!


“Dombyra – khalyk danalygy” musical panorama

National Dombyra  Day is a holiday that provides an excellent opportunity to increase children’s interest in traditional art. The sonorous voice of the dombra inspired the feats of the batyrs and inspired the akyns. For our readers today there was a musical panorama “Dombyra – khalyk danalygy”, kyui performed by traditional music ensembles “Akzhelen”, “Arka auyeni” sounded. At the book exhibition “Dombyra  – dastan, dombyra  – kuy”, books about the Kazakh folk instrument, known as kuishi, were exhibited.