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The program “Formula of Success” with the participation of Nurlan Dulatbekov.

On November 29, another shooting of the Formula of Success program took place on the SARYARQA TV channel. The guest of the program was a well-known Kazakhstani scientist, figure in the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Law, professor, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences, author and head of the project “Karlag – memory for the future”, rector of Karaganda University named after academician E. A. Buketov Nurlan Orynbasarovich Dulatbekov .
The guest in the studio was met by students of the College of Innovative Technologies and the Karaganda College of Economics and Statistics of the NAO “Karaganda Technical University” named after A. Saginov and students of the KSU “Specialized School-Lyceum-Boarding School “Information Technologies”.
The hero of the program talked about his achievements, interests, recalled the happy moments of childhood, encouraged children to dream, work hard and read about the history of their region and country. “History is a recurring trend, so we should always learn from history. If we can study not only the open, but also the shadow sides of our history, we will open the way to achieving great goals,” said Nurlan Orynbasarovich.
To the question “What is your attitude towards modern students?” the professor replied: “I love students, I try to freely communicate with them and treat them as equal friends. I like to educate, so I chose this profession.”
The guest noted that he reads a lot of books and advised the students present at the meeting to read M. Auezov’s epic novel “The Way of Abai” and Sh. Aitmatov’s story “Zhamilya”, poems by poets M. Makataev and K. Amanzholov.
An open, bright conversation-interview took place between the guest of honor of the studio and the children.
According to the conditions of the television project “Formula of Success”, the guest noted the active guys with memorable gifts. The project organizers presented Nurlan Dulatbekov with A. Kunanbaev’s book “Words of Edification” and a souvenir “Formula of Success” – a symbol of success and popularity.

The project “We create for you, children!”

On November 22 and 23, the children’s writer Natalia Inzhevskaya met with readers from the city of Saran and the village of Osakarovka.
It was an event for the children to talk with the author, tell about their impressions of the books they read, learn about the writer’s creative plans. Children prepared illustrations based on books, staged performances from Natalia Inzhevskaya’s stories, read poetry, and acted out puppet shows.
It is very good when there is an opportunity to meet a person who knows how to revive his thoughts and dreams. Such creative meetings with writers are very interesting for children.


On November 23, our readers listened to a lecture about the life and work of the writer, the legendary partisan of the Great Patriotic War, Kasym Kaisenov.
The lecturer was Zhuldyz Karsybayeva, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Professor of the Faculty of History, Department of Archeology, Ethnology and History of the Fatherland of Karaganda University named after Yevney Buketov.
During the event, little-known facts from the biography of the writer were announced, as well as the book exhibition “Khalkyna adal kas batyr – Kasym” was presented.

Literary lounge “Erlik pen makhabbat zhyrshysy”

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the front-line writer, veteran of the Great Patriotic War, journalist, People’s Writer of Kazakhstan Azilkhan Nurshaikov.
By this date, the library organized a literary lounge “Erlik pen mahabbat zhyrshysy”. The guest of the event was a writer, journalist, researcher of the history of the region Torekhan Maibas. He spoke about the role of the works of A. Nurshaikov in the development of national literature and culture, the native language, about the history and educational significance of the author’s works “Aqikat pen anyz”, “Makhabbat kyzyk mol jyldar”

Library project “We create for you, Children!”

Library project “We create for you, Children!” continues to acquaint readers with the work of modern Kazakh children’s writers.
A friend and partner of our library, Natalia Inzhevskaya, presented to the children her new books “The Tulip of Happiness” and “The Adventures of the Donkey Zhaidar”, which open the series of books “Magic Tales of Saryarka”.
During the meeting, the results of the competition of children’s illustrations among the readers of Karazhal based on these books were summed up. The director of the Central Library Service of Karazhal city, Baishukenova T., who visited the event, took home not only books by Natalia Inzhevskaya, but also prizes for children for their participation in the competition.
The writer repeatedly held creative meetings within the walls of the library, giving children not only her books, but also the warmth of her soul! The author of more than ten books for children, a five-volume book about the culture of Karaganda, a libretto of musical fairy tales from the Karaganda Academic Theater of Musical Comedy does not stop there, being in a constant search for new ideas and forms for his works.
Today’s meeting completed the implementation of the project “We create for you, children” this year. I would like to hope that all meetings left particles of warmth and kindness in the souls of children, and that acquaintance with “living” writers helped children fall in love with reading and choose the right path in life.

Literary club “Kauyrsyn kalam”

Literary club “Kauyrsyn kalam” continues its work.
Children-beginning authors gathered to communicate with each other, share their achievements, exchange opinions on the works of contemporary poets and writers. On the creative platform, young talents read their new works.

Library project “We create for you, children!”

Library project “We create for you, children!” pleases readers with new meetings. This time our guest was a Kazakh writer, member of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan, statesman Madi Ayimbetov (Astana).
The writer met with readers in the village of Aksu Ayuly, Shetsky district, and with Karaganda schoolchildren in the library named after Abai.
The author shared his childhood memories, told about the creation of his books and presented the library with a new edition of the historical novel “Bopai xanim”. The guys, in turn, showed a dramatization from the story “Bar bolgany 14 zhas ”, shared their impressions of what they had read.
At the event, a welcoming speech was also made by the Associate Professor of the Department of the Kazakh Language and Culture of Kazakhstan at the University of Kazpotrebsoyuz, Candidate of Philological Sciences Tapashev M.
For children, meeting a writer is an exciting experience, an opportunity to get acquainted with new books, learn more about the creative profession, and also participate in an interesting dialogue.


On December 9 at 17.00, the library invites all children and parents to take part in the LITERARY COSPLAY FESTIVAL. Acceptance of applications for participation until December 5 by e-mail: . Age of participants from 7 to 15 years.
In the cosplay program:
•Cosplay Defile;
• Theatrical staging of a literary image;
• Literary quiz;
•Cosplay – disco.
Festival nominations:
• The best reincarnation (bright presentation of the image, showing the costume
and its originality)
• The best children’s cosplay (children from 7-10 years old);
• Best family cosplay (parents with children under 15 in costumes,
united by one theme);
• Best MAKEUP – make-up image;
• Original – cosplay (an image invented personally by the participant, costume
made by hand).
The concept and conditions of the COSPLAY FESTIVAL on the website

Our autumn holidays

Golden autumn gave children the first holidays in this academic year – autumn. A well-spent vacation is a vacation with new impressions. The library gave this opportunity to its readers. During the holidays there was an “autumn” cycle of educational activities for children. The guests of the library were offered to make a journey into the wonderful world of books, to learn something new, useful.
We are grateful to all the guys who spent their holidays with us. We look forward to future meetings with all who love the book.

Publishing House “Public Fund Mazmundama “

The library continues the cycle of book exhibitions “Books are presented by the publishing house…”. Meet the publishing house “Public Fund Mazmundama”.
The public fund “Mazmundama” was established in 2018 with the aim of improving the knowledge of Kazakhstani youth in political, socio-cultural, economic terms and attracting them to a more active participation in the development of our country.
The Fund publishes books in Kazakh and Russian languages ​​in the genres of popular science literature, non-fiction, Kazakh authors writing for children and teenagers are widely represented. A special place in publishing work is occupied by translated fiction of both foreign and Russian authors. Of great interest are the books of G. “Uakyt mashinasy”, F. Bernett “Kupiya bak”, Nobel Prize winner in literature S. Aleksievich “Sogystyn surky aielge zhat”, D. Carnegie “Dos tabu zhane adamdarga ykpal etu oneri”, a series of books on self-development 10 books everyone should read.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the book exhibition, which presents the best publications of the Mazmundama Public Fund.
Read good books! Think, think, dream!