Archive February 2023

Round table «Bilim kіltі kіtapta»

The school and the library have common tasks in educating the younger generation – to develop children’s motivation for reading, to cultivate respect for the book and knowledge. The library is closely connected with the educational process of the school, so it cooperates with educational institutions. In order to expand the interaction between the school and the library in the Karaganda Regional Children’s Library named after Abai, a round table «Bilim kіltі kitapta” was held with the participation of school principals.
The head of the library, B.K. Uatayeva, made a report on the topic “The potential of the children’s library”. The special guest of the event, General Director of the Natige and 220 VOLT companies E.M. Ashim shared his opinion on the role of the book in the upbringing of modern children. At an open dialogue platform, school principals exchanged views on children’s reading and the prospects for developing interest in reading.

Thanks Day

On the eve of the Thanksgiving Day, the library hosted an information hour “Kurmettin en bigi – algys”. The participants of the lesson were the children of the department of social assistance at home of the Kazybek bi district of the city of Karaganda.
The guests of the library listened with interest to the story about the history of this holiday. People of different nationalities are still grateful to the Kazakh land, which received millions of migrants during the years of disasters.
The decoration of the holiday was the musical performances of the students of the regional specialized music boarding school. At the end of the meeting, words of gratitude were expressed to parents, educators and the library.

Training “Rules of storytelling”

On February 26, an online training “How to write a good story? Storytelling Rules. Coach-trainer Gulziya Seitova talked about what storytelling is, what “tricks” to use to make the text evoke an emotional response, as well as how to win and hold the attention of the audience, write without templates, remain witty and make interesting presentations. During the training, we analyzed the principles of storytelling for writing books.

Peace lesson “We are against terror”

Extremism and terrorism in all forms of their manifestations have become one of the most dangerous problems of our time, and poses a real threat to the national security of the country.
        Every citizen needs to have anti-terrorist knowledge. On February 21, the library hosted a peace lesson “We are against terror” with the participation of the theologian of the Department of Religious Affairs of Karaganda region Karsybekova Zhanar. The lesson was aimed at showing vigilance in the event of a terrorist threat, familiarizing with the basic rules of behavior in a terrorist attack, developing tolerance and patriotism.

Culture of different peoples

The library opens a series of meetings “Culture of different peoples” with the participation of representatives of ethno-cultural centers of the Karaganda region.
The first to visit our library was the chairman of the Polish society “Poloniya” Vitaly Albertovich Khmelevsky. The children had the opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of the cultural center, and the guest also spoke about the traditions, national holidays and cuisine of the Poles. The book exhibition helped the children to get to know the Polish people better, the readers looked with interest at the children’s literature of Polish authors.
At the end of the meeting, the students played an interactive game “Everything that any tourist should know about Poland.”

Gifts from readers

World Book Giving Day brings together everyone who gives books and instills a love of reading. On this day, our readers brought as a gift books from their home libraries. Librarians received 53 books as a gift. I would like to thank the readers of the library who know the real value of a paper book and donate books from the bottom of their hearts.

February 14 – Book Giving Day

International Book Giving Day is a modern and rather young holiday. The idea of this date was born in 2012 by an English writer, mother of two children, Emma Perry. She became the organizer and coordinator of the International Day. Emma Perry devoted her entire life to popularizing children’s literature.
Librarians urge people to celebrate this day and give gifts in the form of good, high-quality literature to their family and friends, talk about the books they read and post photos of the books they like on social networks.
On this day, our readers were not left without surprises. Books were presented to active readers of the library.

Visiting School 4

Employees of the Abai Children’s Library conducted a correspondence tour for students in grades 5-6 of secondary school 4.
The librarian introduced the children to the history of the library and the activities of departments, to interesting literature and periodicals, to the schedule of clubs and circles. After correspondence acquaintance, schoolchildren were offered to take part in the interactive game “The World of Fairy Tales”.

Circle “Let’s speak Kazakh!”

On February 9, the next lesson of the circle “Let’s speak Kazakh!” was held in the library. The lesson was attended by the kids of the kindergarten “Erketaiym”. The lesson on the theme “Magic Winter Forest” was held in a playful way. The librarian, using soft toys, talked about each animal, its habits and habitat. And the children, in turn, learned to pronounce the names of wild animals correctly in the Kazakh language.

To the birthday of Mukagali Makatayev

The House of Friendship hosted a literary and musical evening “Ush bakyt”, dedicated to the work of the poet Mukagali Makatayev.
There were poems and songs based on the words of the author about kindness, empathy, compassion, love for the native land. Readers fell in love with his simple, but deeply philosophical lines, filled with life and fortitude. For the guests of the event, a book exhibition “Poetry of Alyby – Mukagali ” was arranged.