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On March 29, the library hosted a festive and congratulatory program “Reader’s Benefit”, which was held as part of the Children’s Book Week.
During the festive event, the best children-readers and reading families were awarded.
The best readers at the end of 2022 were awarded in nine categories:
• “The very first reader” – Egor Ivlev, student of the 1st “b” class of the school named after N. Abdirov;
• “The smallest reader” – Erkin Erkem, 4 years old;
• “The most devoted reader” – Andrey Lebedinsky, student of the first course of the Faculty of Transport and Logistics of KTU named after Abylkas Saginov;
• “Fantasy Lover” – Ponomarev Dmitry, student 7 “B” class school named after G. Potanin;
• “Lover of detectives” – Toktasyn Aizere, student of 8 “A” class, school-lyceum named after A. Ermekova;
• “Love of detectives” – Syzdykova Sana, student of 1 “D” class, gymnasium No. 93;
• “Eternal Classics” – Yulia Nigorozhenko, student of class 11 “B”, school number 30;
• “Record holder of reading” – Ilyin Vladislav, student of the 2nd “g” class of the school 17;
• “Record holder of reading” – Adi Kadirov, student of the 6th “B” class of the school named after G. Potanin;
• “Friend of the library” – Saida Doskey, student of grade 3 “b”, gymnasium 97;
• “Friend of the library” – Diana Shapeeva, student of grade 9 “B” of school 30;
“The most reading family” – the Kutsenko family: Chebotareva Anna Vladimirovna, Kutsenko Artem, student of the 9th “E” class of the NIS KhBN, Kutsenko Nicole, student of the 6th “B” class of gymnasium 97, Kutsenko Michel, pupil of the kindergarten “Bakhyt”;
• “The most reading family” – the Asainov family: Asainov Asset Gabievich,
Maudarbekova Bayan Kanatbekovna, Asainova Amira, student of the 1st “e” class of the school-lyceum named after A. Ermekov; Asainov Arsen, preschooler.
Kiseleva L.B. an Ombudsman for Children’s Rights of Karaganda region, Honored Worker of Education, participated in the Diploma awarding ceremony; Zhabaeva S.S., director of the school-gymnasium named after Akhmet Baitursynov; Ermakova T.G., head of RIA KAZMEDIA LLP; Syzdykova Sh. K., methodologist of the kindergarten “Gvozdichka”; Tezekbayeva A.E., head of branch 1 for servicing children of KSU “CBS of Karaganda”.
Invited guests – social partners with whom the library has been cooperating for many years, the winners were presented with memorable gifts.
All nominees were awarded with Diplomas from the RCL named after Abai, received a book by Abai Kunanbaev “Kara sozder” as a gift.
Active readers of the library Shalimova Alla, Davlatiyar Aruzhan, Toleukasimova Karakat, Toleu Elnazar showed their creativity at the holiday, presenting musical congratulations to our best readers.

Children’s Book Week continues…

Every day of the week was filled with interesting and informative events, and today, undoubtedly, will forever remain in the memory of the reader. We held a presentation of the 10-volume collection “An anthology of Kazakh children’s literature”, published as part of the Year of Children in 2022.
The compiler of the anthology, the famous poet Baibota Koshym-Nogai, a member of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan, laureate of the International Literary Prize “Alash” was invited as a special guest from Almaty.
The ten-volume collection consists of ten books: “Kuyr-kuyr, kuyrmash”, “We are all brothers ”, “Peaceful day”, “Wonderful life”, “Balapan”, “Altyn kiik”, “Ortanshy ul”, “Alatau ertegisi”, “ The swallow’s nest”, “Mynau gaziz dunie”. “Anthology of Kazakh children’s literature” is a collection of works for children, distinguished by their versatility and filled with deep knowledge, with an easy language so that the child can read with pleasure and not be bored.
The event was attended by school librarians, librarians of the children’s library of the Karaganda region, schoolchildren of the city, college students. S. Zhanysbay, a member of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan, the owner of the “Altyn sunkar” award, congratulated B. Koshym-Nogay on the presentation of the multi-volume book.
We are very pleased that the library fund has been replenished with this edition.

Questbook “Literary Assortment”

Children’s Book Week has started in the library.
This is a time of real celebration for those who love books and are not indifferent to reading, a time filled with a variety of activities to attract children to reading. This year, Children’s Book Week began with the Literary Assortment questbook.
The guys had a difficult task – to beat their rivals, answering various questions about writers, works, solve puzzles and solve logic puzzles. Two teams (School №30 and 87) showed their knowledge, and the best became the winners.

Astronomical hour «Telescope»

On March 17, an astronomical hour was held as part of the Funny Science library laboratory, where the children were able to study the structure of the telescope, get acquainted with sites that can be used to observe deep space, and discover applications for smartphones that can replace the telescope.
A useful addition to the lesson was a review of books on astronomy and space.

“Forgotten Bookmarks Collection”.

Any library can tell you about funny bookmarks that readers have forgotten in books. In our library, such finds also happened and happen. We put them up for readers to see and called them “Forgotten Bookmarks Collection”.
Many bookmarks are simple, some are fun and original. Readers leave tickets for performances, business cards, certificates, inserts for various goods, personal notes, photographs, postcards, cream samples, receipts and many other items in books.
Look at our collection, maybe you will find your items in it …

Ethnic stained glass window “Nur sebele , Ulystyn uly kuni!”

On the eve of the Nauryz holiday, the library presents the ethnic stained-glass window “Nur sebele , Ulystyn uly kuni!”.
The exhibition introduces readers to the history of the celebration of Nauryz, Kazakh traditions and rituals, national games and cuisine.
Illustrated books, collections of poems, photo albums, ethnographic records will help the reader to get acquainted with the traditions of the Nauryz holiday.
The stained-glass exhibition will run until March 27.

Master class in the creative workshop “Free Style”

Our needlewomen readers at the next master class of the creative workshop “Free Style” learned how to assemble a new decoration – a brooch. Using felt, thread, a needle, scissors, a special fastener for pins and beads, the girls created a simple and original felt brooch in the shape of a flower, which looks very gentle and expressive on any outfit.

«Non-Newtonian Fluid»

On March 10, within the framework of the library laboratory «Funny Science» with the participation of students from school «Information technologies» passed the experiment «Non-Newtonian fluid».
The liquid used during the experiment becomes thick and viscous, sticky like honey. To understand the essence of the experiment, the children were invited to read Richard Hammond’s book «What is the secret of strength?», Scientific terms and secrets about non-Newtonian liquids were revealed, and methods for creating substances from polymers were explained in an accessible form, based on facts from the book “Scientific Experiments by Robert Winston.
Dear young explorer!
Only the books of our library can answer your many questions of science!
Come, Experiment and Share your impressions!

Thematic exhibition “Sybailas zhemkorlyk – kogamnyn ozekti maselesi”

In the reading room of the Abai library, a thematic exhibition “Sybailas zhemkorlyk – kogamnyn ozekti maselesi” was arranged. It aims to acquaint readers-children with the concept of corruption and its various forms of manifestation in society. The materials of the exhibition focus on the role of civil society in the fight against corruption, which is a serious problem for states with developed economies and long democratic traditions. The exhibition presents books, periodicals, materials from Internet resources. The exhibition will run from March 6 to April 6.

Exhibition of paintings “Spring palette”

Spring is the most amazing and unique season that leaves no one indifferent. There is also a spring mood in the library.
An exhibition of paintings “Spring Palette” was organized for visitors in the reading room. The canvases are presented from the fund of the Karaganda Regional Museum of Fine Arts. In 9 paintings, a multifaceted panorama of the creative quest of artists of different generations, filled with color, energy, life.
The authors of the works of the exhibition were united by the theme of nature, spring flowers and the female image. The individuality of each artist made the exhibition interesting for many connoisseurs of art. Come! Rate it!