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Terribly interesting

In May, an interactive survey on the topic “Fantasy. Horror. Mystic” was installed in the department. Anyone interested in the genres of “fantasy”, “mysticism”, “horror” could use the “ghost” to leave a recommendation for the book he liked.
The survey involved 60 adolescent readers aged 10 to 16 years.
The best books in these genres are: E. Gagloyev “Zertsalia”, “Pandemonium”, “Pardus”; D. Glukhovsky “Metro 33”; King S. Kujo; Stein R.L. “Camp”; Shcherba N. “Chasodei”.

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«Time travel turned»

On June 22nd in the Day of Entertaining Facts, the library staff offered the children from the Azbuka children’s center to get acquainted with the exposition of things and objects that have come out of everyday life, which have been replaced by electrical novelties and computer technologies.
Time travel turned out to be fascinating for children, as many rare things that were unfamiliar to them can be touched and heard about the history of their creation.


The Day of National Culture. Culinary workshop «Summer in a plate. Proper nutrition from your grandmother. »

Another Day of National Culture was held under the title “Summer on a plate. Proper nutrition from your grandmother. ” The children of the school camps of the school named after N. Abdirov, gymnasium No. 45, together with our regular reader Zhakupbekova Gulsum Sekerbekovna, learned to make a national dish – kurt.

During the master class, Grandma talked about the benefits of kurt, various compositions and methods of preparation. Children with interest and enthusiasm made one of the most delicious dishes, and at the end of the culinary workshop, the children were treated to ready-made kurt and baursaks.


Life under a microscope

On the Day of Entertaining Facts, an amazing acquaintance with the microscope for children took place in the library. The guys learned how the microscope appeared, looked at the slides of the first samples with interest, compared their appearance with a modern microscope.
Having got acquainted with the structure of the equipment, our regular readers and children from the Smiley summer camp conducted a series of experiments in which they examined different samples: water, salt, sugar, bird feathers, leaves, cotton wool, bandage, threads, hair. In a practical lesson, we were convinced that the microscope is used to obtain enlarged images of objects invisible to the naked eye.
What did you manage to see through a microscope? Examining the slices of onions and leaves, the children saw that they consist of small different sections called cells. Black dots in the water – bacteria. When examining the sand, we saw large pieces of stones that looked like minerals.
At the end of the cognitive lesson for the children, they reviewed the interesting books “All About the Microscope”.


The Day of National Culture. Creative lesson “Ornament is a part of cultural heritage”

Our readers, pupils of the Gvozdichka kindergarten, took part in the creative lesson “Ornament is a part of the cultural heritage” within the framework of the Day of National Culture.

The children were told about the Kazakh national ornament, its main elements, options for use, and then they were offered to create an application of the ornament according to the proposed pattern, observing the symmetry in the composition.

Acquaintance with the objects of decorative and applied arts of Kazakhs gives children an idea of the traditions and peculiarities of the life of the Kazakh people, and the creation of an applique gives the opportunity to develop creative thinking.


Online conversation with author Zaure Turekhanova

On June 11, an online conversation “Trends in modern Kazakh children’s literature” with a children’s writer, screenwriter Zaure Turekhanova took place on the Instagram social network. Zaure is also the winner of the independent literary competition “Altyn Kalam – 2014”, the laureate of the prestigious literary prize of Kazakhstan “Altyn tobylgy – 2017” in the nomination “Best Children’s Literature of the Year”.
During the dialogue, the subscribers learned from the author about the creation of the first Kazakhstani children’s and youth fantasy novel “Amina Turan in the country of nomads”, as well as two books of the patriotic series “My Kazakhstan” by the publishing house “Almatykitap baspasy”.
The writer told about herself, about her work, about cooperation with the children’s magazine “Tell me, grandma “, literary competitions on the pages of this magazine, shared her plans for the future, recommended to get acquainted with the work of modern writers of Kazakhstan, and also shared her opinion on trends in modern Kazakh children’s literature.

Book exhibition “Darkan daryn”

This year the famous Kazakh prose writer, poet and playwright, our fellow countryman, holder of the “Kurmet” order Sofa Smataev celebrates his 80th birthday. For this significant event in the reading room of the library, a book exhibition-portrait “Darkan Daryn” was arranged.

Sofa Smataev is the author of the collection of poems “Astana Ottary”, the play “Tagdyrlar “, “Sen kimsin?”, “Zhuldyzym menin zhogary”, translated the works of V. Shakespeare, V. Korolenko, V. Ivanov, V. Soloukhin and other writers into Kazakh language.

S. Smataev considers the novel-trilogy “Elim-ai” to be the main book of his life. His work is characterized by a generous love of life, a fiery, pure and touching indifference to the fate of his land. 24 editions are offered to the reader’s attention.

The exhibition runs from June 16 to July 16.


«Pharaoh’s Serpent»

As part of the Day of Entertaining Facts on June 8th , experiments of the “Pharaoh’s Serpent” were carried out in the children’s library. The guys set out to get the pharaoh’s snakes not only with the use of calcium gluconate, but also with the help of sugar, baking soda, and ethyl alcohol.
The two experiments were spectacular. Children and adults got acquainted with the distinctive features of each of the substances. The resulting reactions in the form of pharaoh’s snakes were simple and safe to perform, differed in size, color, and burning rate.
The children with their parents were asked to conduct experiments at home in compliance with all safety rules.
At the end of the library laboratory session, a literature review on entertaining chemistry was conducted.


The Day of National Culture. “Learning to play asyq”

During the summer holidays, the library will host a National Culture Day every Monday. The first Day of National Culture within the framework of the library project “Summer. Children. Book” “was dedicated to the national Kazakh children’s game” Asyq “. Our readers and pupils of the Gvozdichka kindergarten took part in the event with pleasure, they learned that there are many different interesting game types: “Khan talapai”, “Bes asyq ”, “Asyq atyp alu”.
This game is a favorite hobby of children, especially in the summer. The presenter told the children about the history of the game, that alchiki are one of the most widespread children’s games in Central Asia, that sometimes asyks are painted in different colors, are valued depending on their size, weight, have different names, and that among the khan’s and sultan’s children, “saka” was even filled with gold.


Dear Readers!

On May 31st ,  our country annually celebrates the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repression. On this day, Kazakhstanis remember the years of trials and losses, when the country lost many, including bright minds and fiery hearts.

For this date, we have prepared a post-requiem based on the book of the famous researcher Valery Mogilnitsky “The Great Prisoners of Karlag”. The book contains a very rich material, and the texts of the chapters very vividly and emotionally convey the experiences of those who once faced the “Red Terror”.

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