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Local History book exhibition “Writers-anniversaries of 2022”

Our library is a collector, keeper and conductor of knowledge about the Karaganda region. It is very important to acquaint the reader with the history of his native land, to cultivate a sense of pride in the glorious past of his countrymen, to respect history and events.
At the beginning of the year, the library traditionally organizes a permanent book exhibition “Writers-Anniversaries of 2022” for readers.
This year’s book exhibition is dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of Kazakh poet, writer, translator, researcher Zhaik Bekturov; the 85th anniversary of researcher, local historian Yuri Popov; the 80th anniversary of ethnographer, art critic, writer, journalist, public figure Akseleu Seidimbek; the 80th anniversary of honorary citizen of Aktogay district, poet, writer Zhenis Kashkynov.
The exhibition will last until the end of the year and will be updated as new editions become available. Come and get acquainted with the creativity of our fellow countrymen!


Relaxing with a book

Dear readers! We are glad to inform you that the library’s collection continues to receive new books. Book exhibition “Book. Time. We” will introduce you to the new literature received.
Our readers, among whom there are many fantasy lovers, were looking forward to the arrival of books by Lee Bardugo, Shannon Messenger, Sebastian de Castel, Anna James. They have waited!
Fans of detective stories will be interested in new issues dedicated to the adventures of Agatha Mystery and the Hardy brothers. Connoisseurs of classics, including the classic horror novel, will appreciate the legendary book about Frankenstein by M. Shelley or the atmospheric prose of the Japanese classic R. Akutagawa. Many wonderful translations of world classics into Kazakh are published annually in the publishing house “Qasym baspa uyi”.
In a word, dear readers, you definitely need to visit the library during the winter holidays. You will find a lot of interesting things at our exhibitions!

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Book exhibitions “Books are presented by the publishing house …”

The new year in the library begins with new book exhibitions. On the subscription of the senior department, a cycle of book exhibitions “Books are presented by the publishing house …” starts.
The first to present its publications is the publishing house “Foliant”. The Kazakh publishing house “Foliant” has been operating in the book industry since 1996 and publishes educational, scientific, fiction, legal and other specialized literature in the Kazakh and Russian languages.
Each edition is a colorful book printed on snow-white paper and distinguished by the quality of its technical performance.
We invite everyone to get acquainted with the books of this publishing house! We are waiting for you in the library!

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Art workshop “Free Style”.

On December 19th , the final lesson of the Free Style art workshop took place.
Our constant participants in creative activities Aziza, Ayaru Asanov, Shugyle and Nurshuak Anafiyanov, as well as Dilyara Sattybaeva, would like to say “THANKS” for their active participation. Girls, become masters and create new and beautiful things!
We present the works of our readers “My little friend”, “Rainbow”, “My house”, “Autumn leaf”, “Ship”, “Beautiful flower”, “Star”.


Research Contest “The history of my village in the history of my country”.

On the eve of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of our country’s independence, the library announced the results of the regional research competition “The history of my village in the history of my country.” The awards ceremony was attended by the participants of the competition, parents, teachers, jury members and invited guests.
For the competition, children aged 13-15 years old presented 25 research papers from Aktogay, Nura, Zhanaarkinsks, Shetsky, Ulytau, Karkaralinsk, Osakarovsky, Bukharzhyrau districts of the Karaganda region. Children’s works were devoted to the history of the small homeland and its contribution to the independent development of the state. When creating their scientific work, the guys formed the skills of historical and ethnographic research on the example of the study of their native land.
The jury consisted of: director of the research center “Tulgatanu”, associate professor of the Karaganda University named after E.A. Buketova, N. Beisenbekova; journalist, executive secretary of the regional council of veterans A. Zhangozhin, acting head of the scientific and methodological department of the Karaganda Regional Museum of History and Local Lore M. Bolat, acting head of the national bibliography sector of the information bibliography department of the Karaganda library named after N.V. Gogol G.Kadyrova.
The names of the winners were announced in the festive musical program.
1.Gran-Pri – Kural Agla, Karkaralinske district, Zhanatogan village.
2.I place – Aliyev Elkhan, Bukharzhyrau region, Botakara village.
3.II place – Zalisetskaya Daria, Rapsh Julia, Osakarovsk district, Telmanovsk village.
3.III place – Abiken Dilnaz, Zharaarkinsk district.
Incentive prizes were awarded to: Meyrambay Nurgul, Karkaraly district, Akterek village; Turekhan Ayaulym, Nuriden Arai, Zhanaarka region; Baranova Valeria, Karaganda.
At the end of the event, parting and congratulatory words were heard from akyn, winner of literary awards named after T. Akbergenov and N. Maukenuly, deputy editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Ortalyk Kazakhstan” I. Mukayev; chief specialist of the department of agriculture of the Karaganda region Zh.Adikenova; the head of the library named after Abai B.Uatayeva.
Congratulations to the winners!!! And we wish all the participants of the event new interesting contests and joyful victorious moments!!!

Gran-Pri – Құрал Ағла

І place – Алиев Елхан

ІІ place – Залисецкая Дарья, Рапш Юлия

ІІІ place – Әбікен Ділназ



Oral magazine

On December 14th, an oral magazine “December: events and facts” was held for students of grade 10 of secondary school 17 and grade 6 of the Al-Farabi school-gymnasium, timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
During the event, the participants were told about the path our country has traveled since gaining independence. The children were shown the video “30 years of independent Kazakhstan”. The audience was particularly interested in the bibliographic review of new books about Kazakhstan.


«How interesting to learn everything in the world»

On December 10th, a library and bibliographic lesson “How interesting to learn everything in the world” was held in the library. Students of the 6th grade of gymnasium № 95 took part in the lesson.
The children got acquainted with reference books, various encyclopedias and dictionaries, learned how to work with them. At the end of the lesson, a game “Guess” was held with the children. In the game, the students were divided into two groups and quickly completed the tasks using the proposed literature (20 books). At the end of the game, the winning group was awarded the title “Inventive Team”.


The City poster-slogan contest «No corruption!»

On December 8th , the award ceremony of the winners of the city poster-slogan contest «No Corruption!», was held at the Abai Children’s library dedicated to the International Anti-Corruption Day
The competition was attended by children aged 11-13 years from 20 educational institutions of the city, 74 works were submitted for the competition.
The jury consisted of: chairman of the jury – coordinator of the project office “Saryarka – adaldyk alany” of the Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Combating Corruption in the Karaganda region N.M.Mekeev, the head of the Department of the Karaganda Regional Museum of Fine Arts S.V.Cherkayeva, teacher of the School of Arts № 2 S.B.Tsybulya, cultural worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, production designer, head of the artistic and staging part of the Karaganda Academic Kazakh Drama Theater named after S.Seifullin Zh.M.Sadyrbekov.

The winners were:

Grand Prix – Blyalov Dias, special boarding school № 2, 6th grade
I place – Surtubayeva Layla, children’s home “Tansholpan”, 6th grade
II place – Zhunusov Ramadan, N.Abdirov Secondary School № 58, 6th grade
II place – Mereyuly Allabergen, special boarding school № 2, 5th grade
III place – Yasmin Seifullina, specialized boarding school of information technologies, 7th grade
III place – Diana Kobasova, secondary school of G.Mustafin, 7th grade

The best in the nominations:

“The most creative work” – Berkinova Inkar, gymnasium № 3, 8th grade
“For the power of impact” – Karina Dzhioeva, Asem orphanage, 5th grade
“The largest poster” – Karina Ushkalenko, Alyona Gumirova, Polina Khoroshilova, Sofia Khoroshilova, Shakarim Gymnasium, 9th grade
“The most concise work” – Sarkyt Yerke, S.Seifullin Gymnasium, 8th grade
“For artistic excellence” – Timur Sharipov, Secondary school No. 78, 6th grade
“For the original idea” – Victoria Maleeva, children’s art school, 7th grade
Incentive prizes were awarded to: Alana Zaimbaeva, secondary school № 48, 6th grade; Nurkaiyr Council, Gymnasium № 104, 6th grade; Sofia Krasnoshchekova, secondary school № 48, 6th grade; Sergey Trushnikov, children’s home “Tansholpan”, 6th grade; Svirid Rinat, Asem orphanage, 5th grade.
The S.Seifullin Gymnasium won in the nomination “For active participation”, 15 works were presented from the gymnasium.
The winning guys received valuable gifts and diplomas. Congratulations!!!


The Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On the eve of the celebration of the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the library hosted a quest-excursion on the theme “Nazarbayev: a trace in history” for students of grades 6-8 of a specialized boarding school-lyceum of information technologies.
The usual acquaintance with the departments of the library, book collections, exhibitions, offline and online services and various forms of mass work was supplemented by an interesting quest with the search for specific books. The participants had to find in each department a book with a special mark-logo for the 30th anniversary of Independence, dedicated to Elbasy. So the librarian-guide introduced the schoolchildren to the novelties on this topic, combining the story about the books with some information from the biography of N.A. Nazarbayev.


The Year of children’s literature The Festival «Library diving in Karaganda»

At the site «Territory of inventions» technician-ecological museum of the Karaganda region Karazhanov N.B. told the children about measuring devices that determine the quality of water, air, temperature, etc.
The guys saw an aspirator, an energy meter, a sound meter, a lux meter, a thermometer, a hygrometer, an anemometer, and asked how radiation is measured and what quality is the water in our rivers.
At the site «Algorithm of creativity or how to learn to invent» the guys met with the famous inventor, winner of the republican competition “Energy of the Future”, Ph.D., associate professor of KazATU named after S. S. Seifullina A. Zh. Mekhtiev.
The guest came to the meeting with the schoolchildren not empty-handed. The children were shown devices invented by Ali Javanshirovich himself. The meeting participants were interested in how these devices work, what is their practical significance and what scientific creativity is.
Fans of an exciting game of Rubik’s cube met at the «Color Puzzle» site. The guys demonstrated their collections of Rubik’s cubes, took part in a mini-tournament for collecting puzzles. In 36 seconds, Nikita Vinnikov was able to solve an ordinary Rubik’s cube – this was the best result.
The guys also tried to assemble different geometric shapes from four unequal puzzle pieces donated to the library by a social entrepreneur, founder of the Green Tal social workshop Emin Askerov.
At the «Life under a Microscope» site, the children got acquainted with an optical instrument – a microscope. A microscope for children is an amazing and informative world of macro photography. Through him, the festival participants viewed salt, sugar, bird feathers, leaves, onions, hair. At the end of the event, the librarian conducted a bibliographic review of interesting books about the microworld for children. Children showed curiosity and interest.

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