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«Toothpaste for an Elephant»

On May 19, in our library laboratory «Funny Science» the experiment «Toothpaste for an Elephant» was conducted. For this experiment, we needed: hydrogen peroxide, liquid soap, yeast, warm water and food coloring. Experience shows how hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen, and yeast serves as a catalyst, that is, makes the reaction faster. Well, thanks to the soap, big bubbles are obtained! The result is a foam volcano. Anyone can easily do this experiment at home!

Poetic evening “Oshpes mura kaldyrgan uly akyn”

In the library named after Abai , a poetic evening “Oshpes mura kaldyrgan uly akyn” was held, dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the birth of poet Magzhan Zhumabaev from Alash Orda.
The senior lecturer of the Department of Journalism of the KarU named after E.A. Buketova, member of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan A.Kutzhanuly, teacher of the specialized boarding school “Murager” K. Bellulin, who won 1st place in the competition “Magzhannyn pedagogikasy zhane ult tarbiesi”, teacher of history Zh. Mustafin gymnasium 39 named after M. Zhumabaev.
During the event, a documentary film about the life of M. Zhumabaev was shown. Schoolchildren read excerpts from the works of the poet, learned from teachers some historical facts about the fate of the disgraced poet.
At the end of the event, the song “Magzhan urpaktarynyn ani” was performed by the vocal group “Senim”.

Literary and musical evening “Kuy atasy – Kurmangazy”

This year marks the 205th anniversary of Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly, a leading figure in Kazakh traditional music, a composer and dombra performer, whose music reflected the personal experiences and history of the Kazakh people.
In honor of this date, a literary and musical evening “Kuy atasy – Kurmangazy” was held in the library. The event was attended by the director of the Academic Orchestra of Kazakh Folk Instruments named after Tattimbet Sanzhar Ashkenov and students of secondary schools 6, 10.
Kurmangazy is an art critic who raised the national culture and music to the world level. He was persecuted for openly criticizing the rich. In his works, the composer reflected deep reflections on the independence and freedom of the people. Kui “Alatau”, “Adai” and “Saryarka” became the pearls of Kazakh music.
During the event, the best works of kuishi were played, the children learned about interesting facts from the life of Kurmangazy, watched videos about his musical heritage, got acquainted with books about his work.

Evening-requiem “Sad pages of the era”

On the occasion of the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions and Famine, the library held an evening-requiem “Sad Pages of the Epoch”. The event was attended by the head of the research department of the Museum of Memory of Victims of Political Repressions of the village of Dolinka I. Kondrashov and students of the 10th grade of secondary school 15.
The students were shown the video “KarLAG” and told about the difficult fate of one of the prisoners of the Karlag, Heinrich Eichler. He stood at the origins of Detgiz in Moscow, and ended his life in Karaganda. The children were offered the history of one exhibit, G. Eichler’s correspondence with K. Paustovsky.
During the meeting, schoolchildren read poems by poets-prisoners who went through the millstones of repression and terror. Among them are Naum Korzhavin, Anna Barkova and Nikolai Zabolotsky.
At the end of the event, a review of the book exhibition “Karlag: Man and Fate” was made.

Art workshop “Free Style”

The art workshop “Free Style” continues its work.
At the next lesson, the girls learned how to assemble a new hair ornament – a tulle bow hairpin. Needlewomen fell in love with tulle, it looks elegant and impressive, soft and gentle, and it is a pleasure to work with it.

«Balloon Secret»

On May 12th, in our Fun Science library lab, we conducted the Balloon Blowing Secret experiment with substances used in everyday life, acetic acid and baking soda. The basic principle of our experience is to inflate the balloon with carbon dioxide, which is formed as a result of the interaction of chemical reactions. We remind you that the experiment is quite simple, and it can be carried out at home only under the supervision of adults.
At the end, the children were presented with a review of books on scientific experiments in physics and fascinating chemistry.

Little book with a big story

Dear friends! We hasten to share the good news with you! A significant book event for our library has recently taken place!
Our friend, the first announcer of the Kazakh television Zulkhiya Mukanovna Zhumatova, who is 103 years old and lives in the city of Almaty, was presented by the library with a printed copy of the children’s book “Marattyn tandauy”. Back in 1956, she wrote poems for preschool children, one copy of the publication is carefully stored in the Abai RCL. The author of his book was not in the home library.
This is the story of a small work, but with a rich history, and we are glad to cooperate, which has been going on for more than two years.
We bring to your attention photos with Zulkhiya Zhumatova and watch a fragment of an interview with a living legend (TC “ Khabar”) 📲
Facts from the bright life of the TV announcer:
❤️ She was born on February 20, 1920 in the Pavlodar region, the village of Bayanaul.
❤️ She graduated from the Semipalatinsk Pedagogical Institute and taught the Kazakh language at school. She herself wrote poems, stories, made translations of books from Kazakh into Russian.
❤️ I decided to take part in the Announcer Competition, which was huge: 750 people per place, having passed the test, I became the first person on Republican television;
❤️ The merits of Z. Zhumatova and her colleagues were highly appreciated by the legendary announcer Yuri Levitan, who said: “The best announcer group in the Soviet Union is Alma-Ata.”
❤️ The screen star was one of the first to announce on April 12, 1961 the flight of Yuri Gagarin into space.
❤️Lives in Almaty, despite her age, leads an active life and loves to read poetry.
Life motto of Zulkhia Zhumatova:
“… I love life, I love it faithfully! If you want to be happy, make the people around you happy. Then we’ll all be fine!”

Lesson of courage “Asker – el korgany”

For the purpose of patriotic education of children and in honor of Defender of the Fatherland Day, library staff conducted a lesson of courage for pupils of the social assistance department at home in the Kazybek bi district of Karaganda and 5th grade students of secondary school 91.
An indicative lesson of initial military training was held by the teacher of the specialized class “Zhas Sarbaz” T.S. Temirgaliev. The students demonstrated drill exercises, power competitions, sang a drill song.
The guest told those present that being a worthy defender of the Motherland is not an easy task, so every teenager from school should prepare for military service and be aware of civic responsibility to the people.

Master class «Atelier of comics»

Many children love to draw, and some even try to create their own comics. At first, it seems that all you need to do is write a story, come up with characters, divide the page into blocks and act. Everything is so, but the process is much more interesting and more complicated.
Director of the cultural and educational center “French Alliance” Ekaterina Firsova shared the secrets of creating a drawn story, and introduced the children to French comics during the master class “Atelier of comics”.
The main thing in comics is cool and unusual characters. The children were happy to create their story and their hero.

Exhibition-Personal “Kasym Kaisenov -omirlik erlik”

In the eve of the holiday of the Great Victory Day in the reading room of our library, an exhibition-staff “ Kasym Kaisenov – omirlik erlik” was issued.
The exhibition will introduce you to the most famous works of the Kazakhstan writer, veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Kasym Kaiseno.
In his works, the author truthfully described the most difficult periods of the Great Patriotic War, the selfless heroism of ordinary soldiers. Many works of the author were translated into many languages of the world. The artistic films “Without the right to choose”, “Kasym ” were shot about Kasim Kaisenov .
We invite everyone to read the works of Kasim Kaisenov!