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The VI Eurasian International Book Fair “Eurasian Book Fair-2023”

On April 19-23, the VI Eurasian International Book Fair “Eurasian Book Fair-2023” was held in Astana. On April 21, our library staff visited this event for the first time.
The program of the fair was rich and interesting: various lectures, exhibitions, interactive platforms, book presentations, master classes, etc. And, of course, a huge number of publishers and bookstores that presented their products.
We had a chance to participate in the presentation of books and get autographs from the poet, chairman of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan Ulykbek Esdaulet, the famous Kazakh poetess, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Akushtap Baktygereeva, as well as the orientalist, the author of the Otbasy Chrestomatiyasy project Sanzhar Kerimbay.
In general, participation in the international book fair is an opportunity to establish contacts with publishers, to discover something new, interesting and memorable in the world of book novelties.

Literary acquaintance “The bright star of the children’s literature”

One of the directions in the work of the library is to acquaint readers with the work of children’s writers and poets.
Within the framework of the “Kauyrsyn Kalam” club, a literary acquaintance “The Bright Star of Children’s Literature” took place with the work of the famous children’s writer of Kazakhstan Marat Kabanbaev. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the writer.
M. Kabanbaev has written several books for middle and older children. Among them is a collection of stories “Titi Traveler”, “The Sun in Dandelions”, awarded the II prize at the republican competition for the best work for children and youth.
Marat Kabanbaev is a laureate of the annual prize named after. M. Auezov of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan for 1988 and Honorary Diploma. H.-K. Andersen 1990, which is awarded every two years by the International Council on Children’s Books (UNESCO).
The event was attended by students of the 7th grade of the gymnasium named after Shakarim. The children learned about the life and work of the writer, watched an excerpt from the film “When you are 12 years old”, based on the story “The Sun in Dandelions” by M. Kabanbaev. An active member of the literary club “Kauyrsyn kalam” Yana Grigorkevich held a discussion with the children on the book “Arstan, the cello and me” by M. Kabanbaev. How important are friendships between teenagers, loneliness, relationships with adults – this is an incomplete list of topics for this discussion.
At the end of the meeting, the librarian reviewed the book exhibition of the writer’s works from the library’s collections.

Training “Free intensive about texts”

In the library center for training and counseling “I am a person” for teenagers, another training on the development of personal growth “Free intensive about texts” was held. Coach-trainer Gulziya Seitova (Astana) shared her experience in creating texts in different formats and suggested how to work with them.
Storytelling (creating stories) helps develop a child’s speech, reveals creativity, develops cognitive interest, helps to believe in oneself and feel confident among peers. After 2-3 exercises, the children freely composed stories, made up stories, created a storyline.

Experience «Blessed Bill»

On April 21, a very simple and spectacular chemical experience «Blessed bill» was held as part of the Laboratory Laboratory Laboratory. For this experiment, we needed: water, alcohol, lighter, tongs and, of course, the bill itself. We used old Soviet rubles, which have long been not in monetary circulation. The essence of this experience is as follows. When we set fire to the bill, alcohol begins to burn.
The temperature at which it burns is insufficient in order to evaporate the water with which the paper bill is impregnated. As a result, all alcohol burns out, the flame goes out, and a slightly wet bill remains intact.
Everyone who wants to become a participant in various experiments of the library laboratory is invited to the library!

Circle “Let’s speak Kazakh!”

The class was attended by children from kindergartens “Erketaiym” and “Duman”. The children studied the parts of the human body with the help of finger games. The final goal of these games is to teach children to independently show body parts using gestures and pronounce their names correctly in the Kazakh language. The children completed the tasks successfully.

Experience «Juicy Explosion»

On April 14th, in our library laboratory “Funny Science”, the experience «Juicy explosion» was conducted. For this experiment, we used ordinary balloons and lemon. Incredibly, with the help of lemon juice, the balls burst! The fact is that in the juice that we squeeze out of the lemon contains a special substance – lemonone, which is part of citrus. Lemonen has an amazing ability to dissolve rubber, and air balls are made of rubber. Therefore, our balls were torn.
At the end of fascinating experience, the guys shared their impressions, got acquainted with books from our fund about interesting experiments that can be carried out at home.

Library bibliode

The librarians once again left with an absentee tour of the library to the city schools.
This time, the children of the schools 21 and 6 told about the activities of the children’s library, its services and interesting events. To get acquainted with the library’s book fund, employees brought the most readable books and new children’s literature in different languages.
Such trips are the opportunity to establish close partnerships with schools and attract readers to read.

Communication training «Territory of useful skills»

A communicative training «Territory of useful Skills» was held in the library for teenagers. Entrepreneur, founder of the company «Natizhe» Yerlan Ashim acted as a coach-trainer.
During the training, E. Ashim explained to the children that self-development is very important for a person. In order to grow and change, a person needs to cope with his fears and weaknesses, work on himself daily. The training helped to control yourself, determine feelings, objectively assess your capabilities, in a word, fruitfully cooperate with yourself .


The staff of the library for students of the 1st year of the PI “Karaganda Technical and Economic College” conducted an excursion “Visit to the modern library”.
A modern library opens up new opportunities for its readers for education and self-development, offering modern technologies and services. The guests learned that a lot of interesting events, meetings and actions take place here. It is convenient to study and work in the library, it is interesting to spend free time with friends. It’s an amazing world! Hurry to discover it for yourself!

Circle “Let’s speak Kazakh!”

The kids of the “Sun” group of the kindergarten “Yerketaim” took part in the class “Let’s speak Kazakh!”, where they studied counting up to 10. After watching the video about numbers, the guys together repeated the names of numbers in the Kazakh language, played the game “Five fingers ”, looking for hidden numbers.