Archive September 2023

Visit to the library

Our library was visited by children from the Center for Support of Children with Special Educational Needs. The children were invited to take a journey into the world of books, where each of the children noted for themselves the most interesting place in the library and the most interesting book.
Librarians told and showed unusual books from the library’s collection: puzzle books, panorama books, publications with 3D applications, music, chest books, etc.
At the end of the excursion, the children were enrolled in the library and invited to attend various events and clubs.

Conversation about the sculptor “Legendary Creator – Anatoly Bilyk”

An interesting conversation took place in the library about the sculptor “Legendary Creator – Anatoly Bilyk” in honor of the 95th anniversary of the birth of the Kazakh artist, our fellow countryman A. Bilyk.
Dameli Kadyrkulova is the chief curator of the Karaganda Regional Museum of Fine Arts,, she captivatingly spoke about the famous master of the sculptural genre.
Those present got acquainted with interesting facts from the life of the famous artist, had the opportunity to see monumental works in video materials, and also became acquainted with his works, which are stored in the muse


Discussion platform

The second day of the forum ended on the discussion platform, “Current problems of children’s libraries,” where the topics were discussed: “Website and account of a children’s library: for readers or librarians?”, “Is there genre diversity in Kazakhstani children’s literature?”, “Strategic directions for the development of children’s libraries in the digital era” and others.
The moderators of the platform were N. N. Zholdybalinov, the Deputy Head of the National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Information Resources (Astana); Shulenbaeva A.N., the head of the scientific and methodological service group of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Almaty), and Inkarbekova G.K., the head of the Zhambyl Regional Children’s and Youth Library named after Kunaev (Taraz).
A constructive conversation took place about ways to interact and solve pressing issues and problems of children’s libraries and school libraries.

An Open microphone

On the second day of the International Forum, the “Open Microphone” was held, where young readers and long-time friends of the library congratulated it on its 70th anniversary.
In the video “About the Library, Books, Reading and More,” our young readers shared their thoughts.
Many warm words were said, the children recited poems, including their own.
Words of gratitude and appreciation were heard from the parents of our young users, who were once themselves readers of the Karaganda Regional Children’s Library.

The meeting with Kazakh children’s writers

The second day of the international forum “Children’s Library: Space of Ideas”, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Karaganda Regional Library named after Abai, began with a meeting of Karaganda schoolchildren and forum guests with Kazakh children’s writers.
The meeting was attended by Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the children’s writers section of the Writers’ Union Akysh N., editor-in-chief of the republican newspaper “Munara” and the magazine “Iman” Hasan S., as well as children’s writer, poet, journalist, public figure Inzhevskaya N. and children’s writer, journalist Shipulina A.
The writers told the children about their work and shared the secrets of writing.
Each child had the opportunity to ask the guest their own question and receive a truthful answer.
Such meetings are very necessary for both writers and readers.

Friends-promotions in 3D format: For business, for leisure, for the soul”

As part of the forum, foreign guests, heads of regional republican libraries, librarians of the region and the city took part in the friends-action “In 3D format: for business, for leisure, for the soul.”
Guests were invited to take part in the “Think with your head!” quiz, assembling the “Yurt” ethno-construction set, and “Toy library in the library” and “Makeup for yourself” master classes. The “Change Your Image” photo zone helped create the image of a modern librarian, and the event ended with a lottery draw.

Master classes

The forum continued in the format of master classes. Molchanova M.A., head of the service department of the Russian State Children’s Library, curator of the project “Give a child a book” (Russian Federation, Moscow), during her speech, presented innovative projects in the field of children’s libraries as a way to attract readers and increase competitiveness.
The Russian State Children’s Library has recently launched educational centers to introduce children to reading #KnowRead, the “Great Children’s Reading Expedition”, and the “I Like It!” campaign, which allows young readers to select and evaluate the best of the new book releases of the year.
Maria Alexandrovna spoke about the major ongoing projects “Symbols of Russia”, “Virtual Museum of Filmstrip”, and the project “Give a Child a Book”. A separate block was devoted to electronic recommendation resources of the Russian State Children’s Library.
Colleagues from the KSU “Regional Library for Children and Youth named after I. Altynsarin” (Kostanay) shared their experience in creating and conducting circle activities in libraries of the Kostanay region.
There was a presentation of an electronic manual on digital etiquette “Harmful Life Hacks” for students in grades 2-4.

Pecha-kucha “Do as we do! Do better than us!”

The work of the international forum for the exchange of experience on the “Do as we do!” platform continued. Do better than us!” in pecha-kucha format.
Regional children’s and youth libraries of the Republic of Kazakhstan presented interesting projects to attract readers to the library and popularize reading.

Plenary рanel

The event, which began with the opening of the forum, grew into a plenary panel, where reports were made by: Uataeva B.K., head of the Karaganda Regional Children’s Library named after Abai; Sultangazieva R.K., Director of the Republican Library for Children and Youth named after K. Bayalinov (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic) and Zholdybalinov N.N., Deputy Head of the National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan).

«Children’s library: a kaleidoscope of ideas, methods, practices»

Opening of the international forum “Children’s Library: a kaleidoscope of ideas, methods, practices” dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Karaganda Regional Children’s Library named after Abay.
The forum is attended by heads of children’s libraries of Kyrgyzstan and Russia, children’s writers, heads of national and regional libraries of Kazakhstan, and public figures.
Welcoming words from the Deputy Akim of the Karaganda region on issues of the social sphere, internal policy and social development Alikulov E.Sh., Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, writer, dfp, chairman of the section of children’s writers of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan Akysh N.B., Kazakh artist, activist of the international anti-nuclear movement “Nevada-Semipalatinsk” Kuyukova K.T. and Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honorary Citizen of the Karaganda region, Karaganda city and Karkaraly district Omarbekova R.K.