Archive October 2023

«Pharaoh Serpents»

As part of the Fun Facts Day on october 13, the Pharaoh Serpents experiment was held in the library for children. The guys set out to get pharaoh snakes using calcium gluconate.
The experiment was an impressive sight, the guys watched the size, color, burning speed of snakes. The resulting reactions in the form of pharaoh snakes were simple and safe to perform.
The children were asked to conduct experiments at home in compliance with all safety rules.
At the end of the library laboratory session, a review of the literature on entertaining chemistry was conducted.

The Meeting “Always Young at Heart”

On the occasion of the Day of the Elderly, the autumn meeting “Always Young at Heart” was held in the library for veterans of librarianship. Library staff congratulated the guests on the holiday. The head of the library, Uataeva B., gave a welcoming speech. She expressed gratitude to the veterans for the strength and experience they devoted to their work.

Our veterans Dukenbaeva Rymkesh Shamatovna, Zhumagulova Rabiga Sadykovna, Abelseitova Saulesh Baltabaevna, Tutkabekova Sagirash Alievna, Kirina Lyudmila Vasilievna, Ilyasova Gaukhar Zhaleltaevna, Sadyrbekov Zhalel Malikovich recalled interesting events from the life of librarians and addressed instructions to the youth.

The holiday took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Everyone received a lot of positive emotions.