Benefit show “Formula for Success” with the participation of Mukhutdinova Lilia Pavlovna

Benefit show “Formula for Success” with the participation of Mukhutdinova Lilia Pavlovna

On May 16 at 15.00, children of grades 6-8 of gymnasium schools № 97, 93, 1, 95, 45 met at the dialogue platform with the deputy of the Karaganda regional maslikhat Mukhutdinova Lilia Pavlovna – a member of the permanent commission on social and cultural development and social protection of the population of the regional Maslikhat, a member of the Nur Otan party, within the framework of the Benefit show “Formula for Success” project in the Ritual Hall of the Miners’ Palace of Culture

Lilia Pavlovna is also the director of the school-gymnasium №10 in Abai. An experienced teacher and a wise leader, in a meaningful and engaging conversation, answered the children to their questions about family, career, childhood, school uniform, and family traditions. To the request “Give a definition to the students of your school in three words”, the Guest replied that her students are characterized as “smart guys, tomboy and athletes”.

The children heard Andrey Dementyev’s poem “Bells of Khatyn”, dedicated to the tragic events of the Great Patriotic War, in the Guest’s reading.

To the question “What three books have influenced your worldview?” Lilia Pavlovna recommended that the children read Kim Kostenko’s documentary story “It Was in Krasnodon”, A. Fadeev’s novel “Young Guard”, V. Kaverin’s adventure novel “Two Captains”.

At the book exhibition “Read to the STAR”, children were presented with modern children’s books for familiarization, and on the thematic shelf “Books of my childhood” – books from the 50-60s, which were read by the Guest.

At the site, 29 questions were asked, and all questions were answered. The most interesting question for the Guest of Honor was the question of the first school love. Student of grade 7 “B” of gymnasium № 95 Vladislav Kukovsky received a souvenir “a crystal bell” from the deputy for the question.


















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