My image in prose

My image in prose

Prose is a genre of literature and a unique original form of literature, fascinating the reader.

In order to support the creative abilities of the children, on the 2nd of March, the regular meeting of the club “Abai zhurgen izbenen …” was held devoted to the prose. Literary conversation took place on the topic “My image in prose.”

The meeting of the club was held with the participation of the youth of the “BOTA” intellectual center of the J.Bekturov Regional Youth Library and students of the Lyceum-Boarding School 1 Education-Innovation. During the event, the active participant of the “BOTA” center N.Akhmetov read an excerpt from O. Bukei’s work “Ataukere”.

At a round table, in a cozy, relaxed atmosphere, readers and young authors exchanged views on read prose and on favorite writers.

The next meeting decided to dedicate the story of B.Momyshuly “Yshqan uya”, chosen for the nationwide reading in the framework of the republican action “One country is one book”.


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