Archive March 2018

The ancient city of Gulistan

At the next lesson of the creative studio “Shuya” the children got acquainted with the fairy tale of F.Tamendarova “Golden Rose of Gulistan” and decorated with watercolor “The Ancient City of Gulistan”.

«The Magic Chest»

For the students of the 4th grade of school number 64, a media presentation “Magic Chest” was made by the books of the member of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan, laureate of the Association of Journalists and Film Workers Orynbay Zhanaydarov – “Legends of Ancient Kazakhstan”, “Myths of Ancient Kazakhstan” and “Traditions of Ancient Kazakhstan” . Read More

“The transition to a Latin alphabet is a victory of the Kazakh language”

The Latin alphabet takes the leading position in the world, since it is used by more than 4 billion people of the planet. Kazakh language in the transition to the Latin alphabet will be able to reflect on the Internet, it will be available for study, and will help our citizens to master foreign languages. And most importantly, Kazakhstan will be able to quickly integrate into the world community. Read More

The best of the best

On the 16th of March , the Children’s Library Week named after Abai solemnly closed the Children’s Book Week – the holiday-congratulatory program “The Day of the Reader”.

The best and most active readers were awarded with memorable diplomas and gifts in 9 nominations in a solemn atmosphere. Read More

Visiting the library – writers

On the 14th of March, the library hosted a creative evening for students of the 8th form of school №5 with the winner of the literary contest “Altyn Kalam” and “Daraboz”, writer Token Alzhantegi and journalist, history researcher Torekhan Maybas. Read More

Fairy tales and not only …

On the 14th of March 14, a creative meeting «Line by line» was held for primary school students № 16, 66 and 88 with the winner of international and republican awards in the field of literature, the winner of international competitions awarded with the medal «Golden pen of S. Y. Marshak» – children’s writer Elena Ponomarenko. Read More

The book is my true friend.

The next festive day of the Children’s Book Week began with the literary hour “The book is my true friend” based on the story of M. Auezov “Kokserek” and the novel “Akbilek” by J. Aymauytov. Students of grades 5-6 of KSU “Regional Specialized Boarding School number 7 named after Zhambyl and School number 77, 15 took part in the event. Read More