To the 130th anniversary of the singer, actor and musician Amre Kashaubayev

To the 130th anniversary of the singer, actor and musician Amre Kashaubayev

On the 12th of April , the library hosted a literary and musical evening “Song is a good mood” dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the birth of the famous Kazakh singer, actor and musician Amre Kashaubaev. It was attended by children who are being treated in the sanatorium “Baiterek”.

Amre Kashaubaev is the first Kazakh, who spoke on the international arena of the border. In 1925, at an ethnographic concert at the World Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris, he was awarded the 2nd place and silver medal for the performance of the songs “Agash ayaq”, “Qanapia”, “Ush dos”, “Zhalgyz arsha”, “Qos Balapan” and others. Amre acquainted the world with the singing art of the Kazakh people, it can rightly be called a great singer who conquered the great Western cultural figures.

During the event, a presentation was presented on the theme “Amre Kashaubevty bilmeitin Qazaq кemde-kem”, the video “Тyngyshtar” of the channel “Education and Culture” and information about the biography and life of the unique singer, the talented son of the Kazakh people.

A student of the 2nd year of the Tattimbet College of Arts Mukhtar Satkozy, performing the songs “Balqadisha” Akan seri and “Dudar-ai” Mariam Zhagorkyzy gave the children a special mood.

At the end of the event was shown the trailer of the film “Amre”, a joint production of “Kazakhfilm” named after Shaken Aimanov and Alidar Utemuratov with the company “Dar Play”. The book exhibition ” The great Amire” was organized and its review was conducted.

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