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Advice 1. How to have fun with quarantined kids?

Boredom? And we will color the boring everyday life!

Today the world is replete with not the best news feeds, anxiety and excitement more and more surrounds not only adults, but also children. How to cope with this condition yourself and help your child? The best way to take care of children is to be happy by playing with them. And playing with children, open, fun and easy, always cheers up and gives the opportunity to be in the moment here and now. I am sharing with you the simplest games that can be suitable for children of all ages and you can adjust their complexity yourself.

Plan your time and change games. Be mobile and then calm, for example, outdoor play and drawing, and then vice versa. It is important that you yourself radiate calmness and confidence, then it will be easy for children to transfer the time of quarantine.

Let’s color …

Bright large coloring pages – sheets can be printed on a regular printer by gluing them together on the back. And photographs against such a background are very original!


Use fun dynamic music, and repeat your child’s movements, even if at first glance, this idea may not seem very suitable to you. Try to think of your movements with different parts of the body, with different speed, volume of movement and trajectory.

Or you may even like karaoke. Favorite songs can be found with words on the Internet, he will help us, and at the same time develop memory, a sense of rhythm and plasticity of movements.

 Find the words in the room that have a letter….

Any letter is named, and the child and parent take turns calling words that contain the named letter.


Who will push the balloon further, who will not let it fall to the floor longer.


The driver’s hand is placed with the unfolded palm down. Participants place their index finger under their palm. The task of the driver, together with the last words “RETRACT” the player’s finger, if the player is caught, he becomes the driver.

Greek rode across the river,

He sees a cancer in the river.

He put his hand in the river,

Cancer by the hand – DAC.

Pasta beads.

Bright pasta appears when painted with regular watercolor. But how much joy it brings to the child!

Napkin applique

Any image is outlined inside and around the perimeter with glue-pencil and filled with pieces of torn off bright, crumpled napkins (they can be painted with the same watercolor, spreading them in a saucer, wetting and drying napkins of different colors). It turns out very unusual and textured!