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Bookslam “This is a must read!”

It’s Monday, which means there’s book slam in the library today. What is the mysterious word, you ask? We answer.
Children from school camps are learning how to make an advertisement for one of the books they read. This Monday’s theme is “Writers for All Seasons”.
The guys divided into two teams, chose a book on a given topic, then tried to come up with the most “flashy” slogan about this book, plus they had to intrigue their rivals with the plot. It was fun and in places very talented.
Do you Want to try? Come to the library on Mondays!

Summer holidays continue!

During the summer holidays, the library continues to delight its young guests with exciting games and educational programs.
So on June 16, cheerful and mischievous children from the school camp of the school of the Al-Farabi gymnasium in a cozy hall were shown the cartoon “Wonderful Bird”, a fairy tale filmed at the animation studio “Azia Animation” (Almaty) based on the Kazakh folk tale of the same name. The cartoon tells about three brothers who set off in search of the Firebird. It is about courage, loyalty, cowardice and deceit, about the fact that the truth, despite all the difficulties that stand in their way, always wins.
At the end of the viewing, the children took an active part in the cognitive quiz “Visiting a fairy tale!”. Let the children remember every day of the holidays with its uniqueness!

«Pharaoh Serpents»

As part of the Fun Facts Day on June 13, the Pharaoh Serpents experiment was held in the library for children. The guys set out to get pharaoh snakes using calcium gluconate.
The experiment was an impressive sight, the guys watched the size, color, burning speed of snakes. The resulting reactions in the form of pharaoh snakes were simple and safe to perform.
The children with their parents were asked to conduct experiments at home in compliance with all safety rules.
At the end of the library laboratory session, a review of the literature on entertaining chemistry was conducted.

Excursion “Visiting the modern library”

In the summer you can always find time to visit the library. Today, for the first time, children from boarding school 4 for children from low-income families came to the temple of knowledge.
The girls and boys got acquainted with the history of the library, learned about its capabilities, visited subscriptions and the reading room. Librarians reminded new readers about the rules for using books. In addition, the children’s attention was drawn to book exhibitions, which reveal the diversity of the library’s book fund.
During the meeting, the guys were not only attentive listeners, but also active participants. They told what books they read, what they remembered most of all, and also played the game “Who am I?”. Girls and boys had fun and usefully spent their free time.

Multzal invites…

Summer holidays are the time for new experiences, acquaintances and discoveries. All boys and girls really want the holidays to be fun, interesting and unusual!
And here the library will help the children, where you can not only read books and magazines, but also watch cartoons …
Every Friday at 11.00 for all comers the “Multzal” is open. Animation hall is amazing discoveries, encounters with fantastic creatures and many dangerous adventures in the world of fairy tales, detective stories and adventures based on works of art.
On June 9, children from school camps and library readers were offered to watch the cartoon “Become a Legend! Bigfoot Jr., in which an ordinary teenager named Adam goes in search of his long-lost father and finds himself on an adventure of mythical proportions.
The children took the cartoon very warmly, tensely falling silent at key moments, and bursting into joyful laughter at humorous ones.

The Circle “Let’s speak Kazakh!”

At the next lesson of the circle “Let’s speak Kazakh!” children learned the names of colors. The children learned to speak and write down new words correctly. During the classes, several exercises were performed in a playful way, as well as poems and riddles about flowers.

Thematic exhibition “Sybailas zhemkorlyk – kogamnyn ozekti maselesi”

Corruption is one of the most acute problems of modern society. Many writers reflected on this problem in their works, ridiculing the vices of civil servants and their attitude to bribery, fraud, extortion, and arbitrariness of officials.
In the reading room of the library, a thematic exhibition “Sybailas zhemkorlyk – kogamnyn ozekti maselesi”, which acquaints readers with works of art, where the authors ridicule the vices of petty officials, accusing them of cowardice and pretense in front of superiors, and are horrified by the enormity of the moral fall of large schemers who bet money over personal values.

Quiz «Connoisseurs of flora and fauna»

June 5th is the World Environment Day, established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972.
By this date, the library hosted a quiz “Experts on flora and fauna” for children from school camps in Karaganda. The children divided into teams and answered questions about animals and plants. Laughter, excitement, surprise – these are not all the emotions that the participants of the quiz had to endure. A sweet prize awaited the winning team.

Friends of the Library

The entire evening for the guests of the holiday were the vocal group “Youth” of the children’s music school 2 under the direction of M. Bekishev and the group “Tea with a cat”, performing author’s songs in the genres of rock and pop music.
A master class on robotics was held by the head of the center “Dignatera” P. Inkarbayeva.
The children got acquainted with the process of assembling and coding robots based on the Lego Educatoin constructor.

Space experiment laboratory

The space laboratory of experiments attracted a lot of attention from all the guys who came to the library twilight.
For them, a fascinating chemical experiment “The Big Swindle” was carried out! Soda, vinegar, balloons and plastic bottles were used for this experiment!
In addition to the experiment, the children were shown colorful books from the stock of our library about various experiments and experiments at home.