To the annual republican literary action …

To the annual republican literary action …

Every year, since 2007, a republican literary action ” One country – one book” has been held in the country. The action was initiated by the Library Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with the National Academic Library. Every year, a special commission, taking into account the opinions of Kazakhstanis, selects one book by a Kazakhstani author, which is offered for mass reading. The purpose of the action is to popularize Kazakh literature of past periods and the present, to attract wide circles to reading, to form a book culture and develop intellectual interchange, to stimulate interest in Kazakh history, culture, traditions, language and life. The developers incorporated a deep philosophical idea into the project of the action – national unity through spiritual communication, through familiarization with the ideas of a certain work. Thus, the chosen book becomes a cultural symbol of our unity.

However, in the year of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Independence, the commission decided to move away from the usual format of the action. In honor of the anniversary date, 30 editions were selected. The selected books reflect all the richness of the literary palette of Kazakhstan. A large historical, geographical and genre spectrum of the literary life of our country is covered. Among the selected authors there are also representatives of the 19th century (Y. Altynsarin), brilliant poets and prose writers of the 20th century (M. Makataev, Zh. Nazhimedenov, T. Zharmagambetov, R. Otarbaev). But it is especially gratifying to see in this list the names of our contemporaries – Kazakh authors who continue to write and publish their books. Among them there are also fairly young writers who, however, managed to win the interest of readers (T. Tanzharyk).

Among the nominees for the action were children’s writers: Berdibek Sokpakbayev, Madi Aimbetov, Marat Kabanbaev, Tolymbek Abdraimov, Zira Nauryzbaeva and Lilya Kalaus.

Our readers can get acquainted with the authors and their works in more detail thanks to the book exhibition “One country – one book”, organized in our library at the beginning of the year. The exhibition includes 5 sections: “Poetry”, “Prose”, “Children’s literature”, “Audarma” and “Dramaturgy”. Librarians tried to familiarize readers not only with the works offered by the republican commission, but also with other works of selected authors, which more fully characterizes the work of each individual writer.

We invite everyone to visit our exhibition!

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