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“Let’s speak Kazakh!”

      On January 28, another training lesson took place within the framework of the circle “Let’s speak Kazakh!” on the topic “Tutorials”.

       Student of  1 “A” class Roman Lipatov @ krg_sch83, student of  1 “B” class , school №63 Daniil Abiev @ sch63_krg, student of 1 “A” class Sofia Amangeldina, students of 2 “A” class Komendantenko Alexey and Ksyusha @ gimnaziia1karaganda, studied new words, guessed the crossword puzzle and played the game “Name Five Words”.

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Library without borders

         It is always interesting to get acquainted with the library, librarians are happy to tell their potential readers about library activities during the first meeting.
On January 27, for the first time, children came to us, students of the 5th grade, a specialized boarding school named after Zhambyl.
During the excursion “Library without Borders” the children got acquainted with the history of the library, learned about the possibilities and services of the library, visited its departments, remembered the rules of conduct and rules for handling books.
The librarian introduced the children to the term “book exhibition”, explaining that with the help of book exhibitions the diversity of the library’s book fund is revealed. A book review of the exhibition “Zhyl alyby – Zhambyl” dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the birth of the famous Kazakh poet was held for the children in the reading room.
Schoolchildren not only got acquainted with the riches of the book and magazine fund, but also received invitations to library events, clubs and circles.
Having made a trip through the library rooms, the guys expressed a desire to enroll in the library and be good and accurate readers.


About the President’s Message

       On January 27, on the library pages of social networks Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte, an inform-revue “The message is the path of development” was presented to subscribers in order to familiarize themselves with the main provisions of the strategic course of development and the main achievements of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Experience «Colorful Flame»

On January 24, within the framework of the library laboratory “Funny Science”, the experiment “Multi-colored flame” was carried out. A presentation on the flame and its properties was presented to the children. How it is possible to make a multi-colored flame, with the help of what chemicals, all this was seen by the guys at a practical lesson. The experiment was safe under the guidance of a librarian.

After the lesson, the children got acquainted with books and magazines on the topic «Amazing Experiments and Experiments».


Book exhibition “Independence is a brave way of our nation”.

On January 13, a book exhibition “Independence is a brave way of our nation” started functioning in the library, organized as part of the plan of events dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The exhibition reveals the main opportunities of an independent state, the country’s achievements in various fields, the role of the First President, Leader of the Nation N.A. Nazarbayev in the history of modern Kazakhstan. There are scientific and art publications, encyclopedias, colorful albums, collections of articles and materials from periodicals.

Among the exhibited literature, a special place is occupied by the book of N.A. Nazarbayev “Era of Independence ”(Almaty, 2017). The book reflects the view of the Head of State on the main events of our modern history, in which the President himself was a direct participant. The author reveals his understanding of the logic of historical changes and offers his vision of the near future.

Of great value is the encyclopedia “Kazakhstan’s people ” (Almaty, 2016), published on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the ANC. The names of famous Kazakhstanis – our contemporaries, facts from the history and modern life of our country, information about the culture of ethnic groups and much more will be found in this book by the reader.

Large encyclopedic edition “Regional sacred objects “(Astana, 2017) the richest information about the sights of Kazakhstan, containing architectural, cultural, historical, natural and geographical, rich in each region of the country.

Young readers will certainly be interested in the large album “Kazakhstan” (Moscow, 2001), published in the series “Children of the World Draw”. On the pages of this book there are many colorful drawings created by children of different ages. The theme of the works of young artists is very diverse: the past of Kazakhstan and our days, nature and cities, still lifes and portraits, reality and fiction.

Dear readers, check out other publications presented at the exhibition. The exhibition runs until the end of the year and will be updated.

Book Exhibition “Týǵan ólke – tunǵan tarıh”

Dear friends, the library staff wishes you a Happy New Year! May this year bring us all many bright events, new friends and interesting books!

This year promises to be memorable. Many anniversaries await us this year. Perhaps the most important anniversary, the celebration of which will unite Kazakhstanis even more, will be the 30th anniversary of the country’s independence.

But for the residents of the Karaganda region, there are many reasons for joint celebration. And on the very first working day of the new year, the book exhibition “Tugan olke  – Tungan Tarikh” begins for our readers, which will acquaint with the largest anniversaries of our city and region.

In 2021, it will be 85 years since the founding of the Karaganda region. The region, formed in 1932, occupied a large area of ​​the territory of Kazakhstan. And only after the division in 1936 into North Kazakhstan and Karaganda, our region took shape closer to the modern borders.

At the exhibition, readers will find two large encyclopedias (1986 and 2006) containing very detailed information about our region. In 2018, within the framework of the Rukhani Zhangyru  program, a textbook for grades 5-7 of the secondary school “Regional Studies: Karaganda Region” was published (Almaty, 2018). It will be interesting to get acquainted with the editions that have now become rarities – books published in the 60-80s.

The reader will find at the exhibition books on other cities and regions of the region. A separate collection is dedicated to the city of Temirtau, the famous Magnitka, with which the name of the First President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev is forever associated.

There were also dark pages in the history of the region: KarLAG, the Great Patriotic War … And there was a place for them at this exhibition.

155 years from the date of birth this year marks one of the most famous figures of the movement “Alash” Alikhan Bukeikhanov. In the year of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Alashorda, the Astana publishing house “Saryarka” published a multivolume collection of A. Bukeikhanov’s works (Astana, 2016) – the most complete to date. In 2017, the monograph by S. Akkula “Alikhan Bukeikhanov. Gatherer of Kazakh lands” (Astana, 2017) in two languages. The scientific work is a very deep historical study that reveals the versatility of the figure of a politician.

Alimkhan Yermekov is another hero of the age of Alashorda in 2021. The famous scientist, the first professor of mathematics lived and worked in Karaganda for many years, which made his name significant for our city. The exhibition presents the monograph by Zh. Kydyralina “Alimkhan Ermekov”, published in the series “Nartulga” (Astana, 2015). The image of Alimkhan the politician complements a number of monographs devoted to the history of the Alash movement.

The 85th anniversary of his birth this year would be celebrated by the beloved writer of Karaganda, Vladimir Litvinov. Vladimir Ivanovich owns many books written in prose and poetry for children and adults. The writer encourages his reader to love life, respect others, and take care of our smaller brothers. At the exhibition you can find such collections as “Mur-murr-meow! …”, “Noblewoman Chara”, “Do not forget these eyes for me”, “Unnecessary”. Litvinov was a patriot of his city. This is confirmed by the collections “I am with you”, “Where, where … In Karaganda!” and etc.

Another anniversary date that we considered necessary to highlight is the 80th anniversary of our fellow countryman, writer Sofa Smataev. The prose writer is a native of the Shet region. He penned both large works written in prose and poetry, and less large-scale ones – stories, stories, poems, dastans, plays.

Of course, these dates do not exhaust the richness of the literary calendar for this year. The exhibition will function until the end of the year, and therefore will be updated as new editions become available. We invite everyone to the library!

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To the annual republican literary action …

Every year, since 2007, a republican literary action ” One country – one book” has been held in the country. The action was initiated by the Library Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with the National Academic Library. Every year, a special commission, taking into account the opinions of Kazakhstanis, selects one book by a Kazakhstani author, which is offered for mass reading. The purpose of the action is to popularize Kazakh literature of past periods and the present, to attract wide circles to reading, to form a book culture and develop intellectual interchange, to stimulate interest in Kazakh history, culture, traditions, language and life. The developers incorporated a deep philosophical idea into the project of the action – national unity through spiritual communication, through familiarization with the ideas of a certain work. Thus, the chosen book becomes a cultural symbol of our unity.

However, in the year of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Independence, the commission decided to move away from the usual format of the action. In honor of the anniversary date, 30 editions were selected. The selected books reflect all the richness of the literary palette of Kazakhstan. A large historical, geographical and genre spectrum of the literary life of our country is covered. Among the selected authors there are also representatives of the 19th century (Y. Altynsarin), brilliant poets and prose writers of the 20th century (M. Makataev, Zh. Nazhimedenov, T. Zharmagambetov, R. Otarbaev). But it is especially gratifying to see in this list the names of our contemporaries – Kazakh authors who continue to write and publish their books. Among them there are also fairly young writers who, however, managed to win the interest of readers (T. Tanzharyk).

Among the nominees for the action were children’s writers: Berdibek Sokpakbayev, Madi Aimbetov, Marat Kabanbaev, Tolymbek Abdraimov, Zira Nauryzbaeva and Lilya Kalaus.

Our readers can get acquainted with the authors and their works in more detail thanks to the book exhibition “One country – one book”, organized in our library at the beginning of the year. The exhibition includes 5 sections: “Poetry”, “Prose”, “Children’s literature”, “Audarma” and “Dramaturgy”. Librarians tried to familiarize readers not only with the works offered by the republican commission, but also with other works of selected authors, which more fully characterizes the work of each individual writer.

We invite everyone to visit our exhibition!


Rukhani zhangyru – ult zhangyruy

In order to promote the program “Rukhani zhangyru ” in Karaganda regional children’s library named after Abai, the book-information exhibition “Rukhani zhangyru – ult zhangyryu ” is operating on a permanent basis.

The materials presented at the exhibition – scientific monographs, encyclopedias, illustrated albums, publications from periodicals – are designed to help readers better understand the meaning and significance of the adopted program.

Within the framework of this program, Kazakhstani publishing houses, with the participation of the National Translation Bureau, are doing a lot of work in the direction of “New humanitarian knowledge”, “100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language ”.

In addition, under the sign “Rukhani Zhangyru ” books are published aimed at popularizing the cultural values ​​of Kazakhstan, places of interest and objects, revealing the tourism potential of certain regions and fostering patriotic feelings for the small homeland.

Among the new products, you can pay attention to the following editions.

The scientific catalog “Historical and Cultural Heritage of Saryarka” acquaints readers with museum artifacts, objects of decorative and applied art collected on the territory of the Karaganda region for several years.

In 2017, to the 85th anniversary of the Karaganda Regional Museum of History and Local Lore, the collection “Museum and History” was published, which tells about the history of the formation of the museum, the development of museum funds, outstanding personalities who linked their fate with the museum. Within the framework of this anniversary, a republican scientific and practical conference “Museum of the XXI century: modern trends and prospects for the development of museums” was held, the materials of which were also included in the named collection.

Another edition that has replenished the library funds – a colorful large-format art photo album “Tugan zher – tygyryn ” – reveals the most attractive places of the country – from ancient sacred monuments to modern architectural structures of the young capital.

The book exhibition runs until the end of the year. As new editions arrive, its content is updated. The library invites everyone to get acquainted with the exhibited editions.


Action “You are our first reader”

So the new year 2021 has come. The library opened its doors and met the first readers of the new year.

For their dedication to reading and an incredible desire to be the first to visit the library in the new year, the children received medals and memorable gifts at the New Year tree.

Participants of the traditional action “You are our first reader” were:

Leonkova Alina, student of 3 “B” class of gymnasium №93

Amperiadi Demid, 2nd grade student of Moscow school №1015

Amperiadi Ellada, 3rd grade student of Moscow school №1015

Zhanabekova Naimulunа, a student of the 6 “A” class of gymnasium №92 named after S. Seifullin

Marat Kausar , 4th grade student, Aktas village

Ukimetkhan Makhabbat, 9th grade student, Topar village

Tursymbek Tomiris, student of 7 “B” class of a specialized music boarding school

Mamedov Nazar, 2nd grade student of secondary school No. 52 named after academician E.A. Buketov

Popova Maria, student of 7 “G” class of secondary school №52 named after academician E.A. Buketov

Taskynbay  Merey, student of 7 “Ә” class of secondary school №86

Arzhekhovsky Yan, student of grade 4 “B”, gymnasium №1