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The literary club «Qauyrsyn Qalam»

On January 27th, the opening of a new season of events took place in the literary club «Qauyrsyn Qalam». Young poets and children who are interested in literature took part in the poetic gathering «The world of poetry”. At the gathering, the participants got to know each other, talked about their work and plans for the future, and discussed the club’s work plan for the year.
At the end, the guys watched and discussed the video «Typical mistakes of novice poets», in which they found a lot of useful practical advice.


Circle «Let’s speak in Kazakh !»

Circle «Let’s speak in Kazakh!» helps to learn the Kazakh language not only for kids, but also for adults. Our reader, a student of the Karaganda State Technical University Baltash Dariya practices the correct pronunciation of words and individual phrases in the Kazakh language.She is helped by the head of the circle activities Zeikenova Zh.


Book exhibition «Rukhani zhangyru – ult zhangyruy».

In order to promote the program «Rukhani zhangyru» in the library named after Abai, there is a book and information exhibition «Rukhani zhangyru – ult zhangyruy».
The exhibition presents scientific monographs, encyclopedias, illustrated albums, publications from periodicals, which are designed to help readers comprehend the significance of the adopted program.
Within the framework of the program, Kazakh publishing houses with the participation of the National Translation Bureau published textbooks in the direction «New humanitarian knowledge. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language». These textbooks are available to readers of our library.
In addition, under the sign of «Rukhani Zhangyru» books are published aimed at popularizing the cultural values ​​of Kazakhstan, places of interest and objects, revealing the tourism potential of individual regions and fostering patriotic feelings for the small motherland.
Among the exhibited editions, we recommend to pay attention to the following editions.
The scientific catalog «Historical and cultural heritage of Saryarka» acquaints readers with museum artifacts, objects of arts and crafts, collected on the territory of the Karaganda region for several years.
Collection «Museum and History», which tells about the history of the formation of the museum, the development of museum funds, bright personalities who connected their fate with the museum.
The colorful large-format art photo album «Tugan zher – tugyryn» reveals the most attractive places in the country, from ancient sacred monuments to modern architectural structures of the capital.
The book exhibition runs until the end of the year. As new editions become available, its content is updated. The library invites everyone to get acquainted with the exhibited publications.


Local History book exhibition “Writers-anniversaries of 2022”

Our library is a collector, keeper and conductor of knowledge about the Karaganda region. It is very important to acquaint the reader with the history of his native land, to cultivate a sense of pride in the glorious past of his countrymen, to respect history and events.
At the beginning of the year, the library traditionally organizes a permanent book exhibition “Writers-Anniversaries of 2022” for readers.
This year’s book exhibition is dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of Kazakh poet, writer, translator, researcher Zhaik Bekturov; the 85th anniversary of researcher, local historian Yuri Popov; the 80th anniversary of ethnographer, art critic, writer, journalist, public figure Akseleu Seidimbek; the 80th anniversary of honorary citizen of Aktogay district, poet, writer Zhenis Kashkynov.
The exhibition will last until the end of the year and will be updated as new editions become available. Come and get acquainted with the creativity of our fellow countrymen!


Relaxing with a book

Dear readers! We are glad to inform you that the library’s collection continues to receive new books. Book exhibition “Book. Time. We” will introduce you to the new literature received.
Our readers, among whom there are many fantasy lovers, were looking forward to the arrival of books by Lee Bardugo, Shannon Messenger, Sebastian de Castel, Anna James. They have waited!
Fans of detective stories will be interested in new issues dedicated to the adventures of Agatha Mystery and the Hardy brothers. Connoisseurs of classics, including the classic horror novel, will appreciate the legendary book about Frankenstein by M. Shelley or the atmospheric prose of the Japanese classic R. Akutagawa. Many wonderful translations of world classics into Kazakh are published annually in the publishing house “Qasym baspa uyi”.
In a word, dear readers, you definitely need to visit the library during the winter holidays. You will find a lot of interesting things at our exhibitions!

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Book exhibitions “Books are presented by the publishing house …”

The new year in the library begins with new book exhibitions. On the subscription of the senior department, a cycle of book exhibitions “Books are presented by the publishing house …” starts.
The first to present its publications is the publishing house “Foliant”. The Kazakh publishing house “Foliant” has been operating in the book industry since 1996 and publishes educational, scientific, fiction, legal and other specialized literature in the Kazakh and Russian languages.
Each edition is a colorful book printed on snow-white paper and distinguished by the quality of its technical performance.
We invite everyone to get acquainted with the books of this publishing house! We are waiting for you in the library!

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