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Benefit show “Formula for Success.” Meeting with Elmira Syzdykova

On October 22, within the framework of the library project “Benefit Show“ Formula of Success ”, children from school № 21, school № 83 named after G. Mustafin, gymnasium № 97 (24 people) gathered to get acquainted with an amazing personality and learn more about the life of a successful athlete in studio of the TV channel “SARYARQA”. The program aired on November 6.

The life of an athlete is filled with many events – both ups and downs. Everyone goes to victory through great efforts and experiences. How to become a master of sports, reach heights in your sport, be confident in yourself? These questions arose among adolescents during the next shooting of the “Formula for Success” program.

“Women’s wrestling is not a sport, but rather life,” the guest of the program, a Kazakh athlete, Honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, freestyle wrestler, bronze medalist of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games Elmira Syzdykova, is sure of this.

Even men can envy the character and will of a young girl. The thirst for victory flared up in the heart of Elmira after the first significant successful competition. Parents have always supported the athlete in her endeavors, and her brother Raimbek brought her to the wrestling section.

In everyday life, Elmira Syzdykova is an ordinary girl, she loves to cook, is passionate about knitting, in her free time she reads classical literature, which she recommended for children to read. Among the writers, he singles out the modern Turkish author, laureate of several national and international literary prizes, including the Nobel Prize in Literature, Orhan Pamuk.

Elmira is an example of the sporting success she has achieved through hard training, dedication and discipline.

The dialogue between the project participants was very rich, the children were interested in absolutely everything: Elmira’s childhood, her hobbies, dreams, plans for the future, family values. There was a question about the “recipe” for success, to which the athlete replied: “The most important thing is the goal and belief in your victory”.

According to the condition of the benefit show, the guest identified the most active participant, she turned out to be a student of 9 “B” class of secondary school №21 Madina Khazhimamatova. Elmira gave her a soft toy as a keepsake.

The organizers of the project presented the statuette “Formula for success” – a symbol of success and recognition, as well as the “Book of Words” by Abai Kunanbayev and the book by A. Toktabay “The history of Kazakh horse”.

Elmira Syzdykova is a Kazakhstan wrestler, multiple medalist and winner of international tournaments. Performs in the weight category up to 76 kilograms.

… According to her, she plans to start a family after the completion of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which will be held in 2020.

The library invites …

On October 14, the library was visited by 6th grade students of secondary school №17. An introductory excursion “The Library invites …” was conducted for the children. Students received an overview of the history of the library, how departments work, and what library services are provided to readers.

The library is actively involved in attracting new readers and promoting children’s literature. The funds are promptly completed with book novelties and new editions of classic and modern popular authors. In modern conditions, more and more services are provided remotely. The library offers readers virtual help, online renewals, and a number of other services.

Users can find a lot of useful information on the pages of the library in social networks and on the website.

Benefit show “Formula for Success.” Meeting with Zhiger Teleukhanov

On October 7, 2020, television filming of the “Formula of Success” program took place on the “SARYARQA” channel as part of the library project of the same name, included in the Republican Register of events of the “Rukhani Zhangyru” Program.

A young teacher from the city of Aktau, the winner of the international competition in the nomination “The best chemistry teacher in the world” Zhiger Teleukhanov and students of the boarding school “Bilim-innovation” №1, gymnasium №92 and school №17 met at the dialogue platform. The teacher from Aktau is a polyglot, knows seven languages, graduated from KazNU named after al-Farabi, studied in England and France.

During the meeting, Zhiger Erbolovich told the students about his childhood and upbringing in the family, how he became a teacher, why he chose pedagogical activity. The participants of the program asked the guest questions about modern chemical science and its development, about the role of teaching in society and the secret of the success of a young specialist.

The guys listened with enthusiasm to the guest’s recollections of the international competition, which was held in London with the participation of more than 100 teachers from around the world. The winner of the competition was awarded a certificate for free master’s studies in England. Zhiger Teleukhanov was recognized as the best teacher of chemistry, but the young man refused the grant in favor of his students from the Bilim-innovation lyceum in Aktau.

“I have responsibilities. For me, the real patriots of their homeland are Alikhan Bokeikhanov, Akhmet Baitursynov, Abai Kunanbaev. At one time they were in favor of the younger generation being literate. We must continue the work of our ancestors, ”says the teacher.

At the end of the program, under the terms of the benefit, the guest chose the question he liked the most and presented the author of the question with a gift. It turned out to be a student of the boarding school “Bilim-innovation” № 1 Aybar Zholdybek, who was lucky enough to receive a motivational book by Vanessa van Edwards “Science of Communication” as a gift.

The organizers of the project presented  the statuette “Formula of Success” a symbol of success and recognition, as well as the book of Abai Kunanbayev “Words of Edification” and the encyclopedia “The history of Kazakh horse”.

Benefit show “Formula for Success.” Meeting with Timur Khudaibergenov..

On October 6, 2020, another television shooting of the “Formula of Success” program took place on the “Saryarqa” channel as part of a library project.

The dialogue took place between students of secondary school № 17, gymnasiums № 38 and № 93 (22 people) and a serial entrepreneur, investor, owner of,,, projects, head of the holding company Business consulting groups, author the book “From a taxi driver to a millionaire” by Timur Khudaibergenov.

Our fellow countryman Timur Khudaibergenov was born in the village of Molodezhny in  Karaganda region. A young successful entrepreneur shared his memories with the guys and told that his mother, being a widow, raised one and two sons, that he had to be independent from childhood, and in his youth – start earning early. Timur worked hard and saved money. “I worked in the morning as a lawyer, in the afternoon I studied at the Volgograd Academy of Public Administration, and in the evening at the Technical University, because I entered the second higher education. At 10 pm I went out and taxed in my “seven” until 3 am. And on weekends I didn’t sleep at all, ”he said.

Timur’s first successful business project was the Tifa taxi dispatch service. But the enterprising future millionaire did not stop there, he was interested in IT technologies, later assembled a team of professionals and began to improve services through mobile offers. The business developed, and today Timur is already a serial entrepreneur and investor.

The guys heard a lot of advice from the guest: “Never be shy and achieve your goal”, “Learn to defeat competitors”, “Every failure is an experience.” Timur also recommended that the program participants read books by such authors as: D. Traut “Marketing Wars”, K. Chan “Strategy of the Blue Ocean”, N. Taleb “Black Swan”.

Timur presented his book “From a Taxi Driver to a Millionaire” for the most interesting questions to Alina Tukmakova, Karina Kasimova and Angelina Zeitler, pupils of gymnasium №38. This book describes the real practical experience of an entrepreneur who earned his first $ 1,000,000, going from a simple taxi driver to the owner of successful companies.

At the end of the program, the organizers presented the statuette “Formula of Success” a symbol of success and recognition   , as well as the book of Abai Kunanbaev “Words of Edification” and the encyclopedia “The history of Kazakh horse”.