Archive April 2022

The club “Qauyrsyn Qalam”

On April 28, a regular meeting of the members of the club “Qauyrsyn Qalam” and lovers of poetry took place. Karaganda poet Oleg Russkikh came to meet with the children. The author shared his creative secrets with the participants, spoke about his attitude to modern literature, fanfiction, and manga comics. The guys were also interested in the theatrical hobby of the guest.
The meeting ended with the reading of poems by O.P. Russkikh, in which each of the participants could find something that did not leave him indifferent.



Pupils of the Special Boarding School 9 (Saran) visited the library with an introductory tour. The meeting was dedicated to World Book and Copyright Day. The children got acquainted with the history of the library, watched a video about the history of the book and solved a crossword puzzle about the library.
During the visit to the service departments, the children were interested in book novelties: comics, scientific and educational encyclopedias and books from a series of children’s detective stories. Many signed up for the library on the same day. When leaving, the participants of the tour admitted that they liked the library and would return here more than once.


Birlestik dostygy

On the eve of the Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan, children of grades 6-7 of the secondary school 87 took part in the festive kaleidoscope of ethnic groups “Birlestik dostygy”.
The guest of the event was the chairman of the Ukrainian language association “Rodnoe slovo ” named after. T. Shevchenko Irina Salagina and choreographic ensemble “Zhuldyz”.
The children learned about the history and customs of the Ukrainian people, I. Salagina showed Ukrainian household items with elements of traditional embroidery and treated them to the national dish – “Ukrainian dumplings”.
The Tatar folk song “Tugan Yak” was also performed at the celebration, Uzbek and Tatar dances decorated the event, and with the help of a quiz, the participants of the kaleidoscope learned about the variety of national costumes. At the end of the event, the children got acquainted with a book exhibition about the multinational people of Kazakhstan.

Library lecture on the work of A. Baitursynov

The library named after Abai hosted a library lecture “The great teacher of our nation – Akhmet Baitursynov”, dedicated to the work and social activities of a member of the “Alash” party, a famous scientist, writer and translator Akhmet Baitursynov. The event was timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Kazakh educator.
Professor of the Department of Kazakh Literature of Karaganda University named after Academician E. A. Buketov, Doctor of Philology, Academician of the International Academy of Informatization, Literary Smagulov Zhandos Kozhakhmetovich was invited to give a lecture and get acquainted with the historical figure.
High school students learned that Akhmet Baitursynov is the author of the first Kazakh primer. The new Kazakh alphabet, named in honor of the scientist Baitursynov, at one time served as a good model for all Turkic-speaking peoples during the writing reform. At one time he became a victim of the injustice of Stalin’s repressions, for more than half a century he was not honored with a mention, his name did not occupy a worthy place in the history of Kazakhstan.
At the end of the lecture, the children had the opportunity to get acquainted with the book exhibition, where the writer’s books, famous people’s statements about his work, critical articles and literary collections were presented.

Cognitive experience “Fire inscription”

Within the framework of the library laboratory “Funny Science”, the “Fiery inscription” experiment was conducted for readers, under the supervision of a librarian in compliance with safety rules.
This event aroused great interest among the children. Why is the inscription written with fire? – such a question made the participants think.
Readers got acquainted with a chemical element called potassium nitrate (KNO3). A concentrated solution of potassium nitrate was prepared in a certain amount. On a piece of paper, the experimenters soaked the contour drawing with a solution of potassium nitrate.
By lighting the contours on the dried sheet with a match, we got a fiery inscription, thus creating a spectacular experience.
The creation of experience and observation of the processes of the experiment, capable of explaining the phenomena encountered in everyday life, appealed to readers.

«Formula for Success» with Maria Auezova

On April 14, a new meeting took place within the framework of the Formula for Success television project. The guest of the program was Maria Auezova, a record-breaking woman who climbed the base camp of Mount Everest at an altitude of 5364 meters and Mount Kala Patkhar at a height of 5640 meters after amputation of both legs.
The heroine of the issue is used to working hard and achieving her goals, but in front of the youth gathered in the studio, Maria was not afraid to admit her weaknesses. She is ready to share her unique life experience, support and help those who need it. As the heroine herself admitted, this meeting helped her relive many positive emotions, remember the path she had traveled and take a fresh look at it.
As a child, Maria recalls, she was the most ordinary child who loved outdoor games in the street with friends. The family played a big role in her development as a person. The support of relatives and friends later helped the heroine more than once, including in her conquest of one of the Everest camps.
Many guys were very interested in how a girl, having lost both legs at the age of 22, could decide to go to the mountains and conquer the peak. “It was very difficult,” the guest of the program admits, “but this rise was necessary.”
What happened in life taught Maria to look at things differently, to live today, to set priorities in life differently. The girl is sure that in order to change the world, you must first change yourself. And she succeeds. She does not make sky-high plans, appreciates every new day, enjoys meeting new people and dreams that her life will be filled with ordinary human joys.
“You need to be true to yourself,” Maria is convinced. That is why she liked the question of a student of the Karaganda Regional Higher Nursing College Uliana Kim, who asked if the heroine had ever betrayed her principles.
Children left positive feedback about this meeting.

Meeting “Extreme profession – skydiver”

On April 12, an interesting meeting with Karaganda skydivers took place in the library on the topic “Extreme profession – skydiver”. The guests of the event were the instructors of the parachute club in Karaganda Andrey Redin and Igor Sharavin. The instructors shared their rich experience with the young participants of the event, talked about the types of parachutes and their design. And in the practical part of the event, the guys tried on parachute backpacks and helmets with pleasure.


The tour “The Library welcomes guests”

On April 6, our library was visited by high school students of the Ushtobinskaya secondary support school.
During the tour “The Library welcomes guests”, the children got acquainted with the history of the library, visited different departments, looked at new book releases, and learned about electronic services.
Those who wish were registered and became new readers of the library.